• Strong Hybrid technology

    Rules with revolutionary technology

  • All Grip

    Rules with a firm grip

  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

    Rules with utmost comfort

  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission

    Rules with a powerful persona

Rule Every Road - The Advanced Grand Vitara with Strong Hybrid technology

A new breed of SUVs has arrived and it’s here to rule every road it drives on, efficiently. This is the Advanced Grand Vitara with the revolutionary Strong Hybrid technology.

Key Highlights

  • Ambient Lighting

  • Digital Instrument Cluster

  • EV Mode

  • Head Up Display

  • Panoramic Sunroof

  • Ventilated Seats

  • Wireless Charger

  • DRLs

  • R17 Dual Tone Precision Cut Alloy Wheels

  • LED Tail Lamps

  • Projector Headlamps

Strong Hybrid technology

The advanced electric hybrid system from Maruti Suzuki is a full hybrid technology that can drive on battery power, alone and operate in fuel efficient, zero emissions mode. Strong Hybrid technology can seamlessly switch between pure electric, petrol mode & harness the power of both, depending on the driving situation. A revolutionary solution that lets you rule the city streets. Know More

For low speed cruising, the energy stored in the battery pack is utilized to power the electric motor. A truly Electric Drive that provides you with immediate acceleration.

A drive that gives you optimum performance and spontaneous acceleration using the power of both, the petrol engine and the battery pack. The combined power output provides for a powerful drive.

An engine drive leverages the IC engine to help you cruise through your journeys while also charging the battery at the same time.

A smart solution that maximizes energy efficiency by leveraging regenerative braking to recharge the Li-ion battery.

How does Strong Hybrid techology work?

Benefits of Strong Hybrid technology


Better Fuel Efficiency

Electric motor and petrol engine combo consumes less fuel and maximizes fuel efficiency.


Lower CO2 emissions

When the electric motor kicks in, the overall load on the petrol engine reduces, which leads to lower CO2 emissions and a more environment-friendly car


No Range Anxiety

The battery charges during cruising and regenerative braking, which gives you an extended range as compared to an electric vehicle that needs charging at regular intervals.


Enhanced Performance

Enhanced power delivery from the combined output of the petrol engine and electric motor delivers smooth and quick acceleration.


Quieter Driving

Minimal engine noise in the EV mode and a smooth switch over between petrol and electric will give you a smooth and quiet driving experience.


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