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  • NEXA Blue (Celestial)

  • Lucent Orange

  • Silky Silver

  • Turquoise Blue

  • Glistening Grey

  • Pearl Arctic White

  • Pearl Midnight Black

  • Lucent Orange With Black Roof

  • Nexa Blue With Silver Roof

  • Nexa Blue With Black Roof

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Note: The features and highlights listed above are available in only selective variants.

Ignis Engine


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Tough enough to take on the urban chaos & the busy roads, Ignis is a tough breed that doesn’t bow down to the elements of the city. It swiftly moves through narrow lanes with immense ease. Presenting Ignis. Compact Urban SUV.

What drives the New Ignis

Re-engineered to beat the chaos of the urban jungle, the New Ignis moves through the streets with ease.

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New Ignis Interior: A 360° detailing of Vibrant and Spacious Interiors

Interiors of The New Ignis will keep you calm no matter the chaos outside.

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The New Ignis: Key Exterior Design Elements that you can not Ignore!

Toughness in today’s world is the ability of people to adapt to the ever-evolving world and its fast-changing preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the mileage of Ignis?

    Both the manual transmission and automatic transmission variants of Ignis deliver an impressive mileage of 20.89 km/l.

  • Is Ignis BS6 Compliant?

  • What is the engine capacity of Ignis?

  • What is the fuel tank capacity of the NEXA IGNIS?

  • What is the maximum torque of Ignis?

  • Which engine is used in Ignis?

Ignis Engine

Experience a Peppy Drive

Toughened exteriors, attractive design, spacious & comfortable interiors, powerful technology and seamless performance – these features are exactly what one looks for in an ideal urban car, don’t they? Ignis with its tough & sporty looks, and a spacious yet compact design ticks all the boxes as the perfect urban car.

While the urban jungle can be tough, Ignis’ peppy 1.2L VVT Petrol Engine helps you beat the chaos of the city. This engine in Ignis doesn’t just offer an incredible mileage, but also offers better combustion, reduced friction, and peppy drives through every terrain of the city. Furthermore, keeping up with the regulations, the Ignis BS6 compliant engine ensures there are lower emissions.

No matter the challenges that the urban jungle throws at you, Ignis is ready to manoeuvre through it with precision and ease, thanks to the Ignis 1197cc engine. The option of Auto Gear Shift Technology in the car ensures that you have a pleasurable driving experience even during the peak hours of rush in the city without compromising on efficiency. That’s not all, Ignis has been designed in such a way that it has an optimum power to weight ratio, which offers good pick-up and superb drivability.

Both the manual transmission and automatic transmission of Ignis are a pleasure to drive with a mileage of 20.89 km/l as it moves through the chaos of the city*. The Ignis BS6 compliant engine delivers a maximum power output of 61kW@6000rpm and a torque of 113Nm@4200rpm. These Ignis engine specifications make for an impressive driving experience.

It is safe to say that Ignis comes with quite a lot of specifications that are suited for the tough urban conditions. While the exteriors exude toughness, the interiors make sure that you’re calm despite the chaos outside. Its Auto Gear Shift technology and the peppy 1.2L VVT Petrol Engine ensure best-in-class performance with the Ignis top speed going up to 160 kmph. Ignis is truly an impressive car, built to tackle the demands of the urban jungle.

So, discover the pleasure of driving through the city all over again with Ignis. Visit your nearest NEXA showroom to take the Tough Urban out for a spin.

*As certified by the Test Agency under Rule 115 (G) of CMVR 1989

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