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  • The New Ignis Highlights

  • Ignis 17.78 cm Smartplay Studio
  • Ignis Rear Spoiler and Roof Rails
  • Ignis Auto Gear Shift
  • Ignis Spacious & Comfortable Interiors
  • Ignis 1.2 VVT Petrol Engine
Note: The features and highlights listed above are available in only selective variants.

The New Ignis Technology


Take A 360 Degree Look Around The New Ignis And Get To Know It Better.

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Tough enough to take on the urban chaos & the busy roads, the New Ignis is a tough breed that doesn’t bow down to the elements of the city. It swiftly moves through narrow lanes with immense ease. Presenting the New Ignis. Compact Urban SUV.

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What drives the New Ignis

Re-engineered to beat the chaos of the urban jungle, the New Ignis moves through the streets with ease.

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Ignis Spacious & Comfortable Interiors

New Ignis Interior: A 360° detailing of Vibrant and Spacious Interiors

Interiors of The New Ignis will keep you calm no matter the chaos outside.

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Ignis exterior

The New Ignis: Key Exterior Design Elements that you can not Ignore!

Toughness in today’s world is the ability of people to adapt to the ever-evolving world and its fast-changing preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Suzuki Connect available with the New Ignis?

    Suzuki Connect is an intelligent TCU solution that is available with the New Ignis. It enhances the car-owning and driving experience with a set of live, connected features and alerts that enable connected, informed and safe driving.

  • How is the performance of the New Ignis AGS?
  • What is the AGS technology that is used in the New Ignis?
  • Does the New Ignis have an automatic variant?
  • What is the transmission type of the New Ignis?

Ignis Technology

Advanced technology for effortless driving

Technology and innovation are at the heart of NEXA. It is through these innovations that we strive to create experiences that inspire people. The New Ignis is one such offering, which provides the best of technology along with a host of innovative features to ensure that your journeys are always comfortable.

The urban jungle can be tough, your drives, however, need not be. The tough exteriors of the NEXA Ignis make an imposing first impression, even amidst the hustle and bustle. The spacious interiors are designed to keep you calm and comfortable, no matter the chaos outside. Be it the manual transmission of the New Ignis or the Auto Gear Shift , this car breezes through the chaos of the city with immense ease.

The New Ignis comes with a Peppy 1.2L VVT Petrol Engine in a manual transmission as well as Auto Gear Shift. This engine ensures better combustion, reduced friction, and lower emissions, leading to a delightful drive through the packed streets of the city. The New Ignis’ peppy engine is now BS VI compliant, which means that driving through busy roads is not just pleasurable; it is also environment-friendly.

The Auto Gear Shift in the New Ignis further elevates your driving experience. Its smooth transmission enables you to drive past the traffic with uncompromising efficiency and comfort. To make your drives even more convenient, the New Ignis is also installed with Smartplay Studio. Just connect your smartphone to this state-of-the-art infotainment system and you’re good to go. Make calls, text, play music and navigate with just a touch of a button or your voice*.

Among other technologically advanced specifications, the Nexa Ignis’ Rear Parking Camera and Sensors are an addition to the convenience of driving the Tough Urban. This feature, installed in both the automatic and manual variants of the New Ignis, allows you to park your car with precision and ease, even in the toughest of spots.

In our endeavour to provide inspiring experiences, we have brought about technological innovations in our products that are a testament to our core philosophy – ‘Create. Inspire.’

At NEXA, it is our belief that every drive should be pleasurable, despite all the hurdles of the city, which is why we continue the journey towards creating remarkable experiences for all.

*Application features and displays may vary depending on different operating systems or smartphone devices being used.

At NEXA, we Create to Inspire. Come, be a part of our world.

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