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NEXA launched a first of its kind English
Music Original Platform, NEXA MUSIC

initiated a nationwide search
for emerging INDIE TALENT
across the country

4 Celebrity artists launched
their singles with  NEXA MUSIC

Uday Benegal


Nikhil D Souza

this heart of mine

Anushka Manchanda

Queen Of My Castle 


bianca gomes & clinton cerejo 

shortlisted by  A.R.Rahman

24 lab artists

out of

1100+ entries

AR Rahman launched his single

AR Rahman

You Got Me

Heat Sink, Jonathan & pelenuo,
Nisa Shetty & Simetri

At the launch, AR Rahman
launched our 4 SUPER WINNERS

First super winner song

Heat Sink

Can’t Let You 

Second super winner song


Different Kind of Love

Third super winner song

Nisa Shetty

Let you go

Fourth super winner song

Jonathan & Pelenuo


We THANK YOU for your love!

NEXA MUSIC has garnered

60 Mn + views

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