Why the NEXA S-cross is loved by over 150,000 car buyers?

Ashish Masih recently took the S-Cross on a long drive and here is what he felt about the SUV.

The S-Cross is proof that sometimes in life you get everything in one package. Yes, this sophisticated SUV from Nexa seems to have it all. Good looks, smart interiors, loads of cabin space as well as a big boot. Here’s a closer look at why so many love this car.

Sophisticated silhouette

The S-Cross silhouette has great road presence and there is a reason for that. This car isn’t a compact SUV but a proper full sized one that has a commanding presence. From the front end you get a dominating design that has a big grille up ahead and the chrome detailing looks classy. The daytime running lamps look cool as well and add a touch of sportiness to the overall design language. But the highlight of the package is the 180mm ground clearance that gives it plenty of go anywhere ability. It is a car that simply doesn’t look the part but is the part. Ayesha Khan, feels confiden while driving around in a large SUV like the S-Cross and says, “I have enjoyed driving it in the city and on highways. It feels like a large SUV that inspires good confidence.”

The overall proportions are well balanced and appealing and I especially love this shade of Nexa blue that makes this car stand out from a sea of other SUVs. What you should also not miss is the Smart hybrid badge at the rear. But more on this tech later.

Classy cabin

Move into the interiors of the S-Cross and you will welcomed by a cabin that’s made from the best of materials. Every inch of this cabin reeks high quality. There’s a sense of luxury as well because of the rich features list. You get kit like rain sensing wipers, climate control, auto headlamps, cruise control and automatic even get hill climb assist. The smart play studio works like.a dream and is offers both Apple Carplay as well as Android auto. The car also gets very comfortable seats which offer good support for your lower back as well as under thighs. The best part of the cabin is undoubtedly the rear seats space. Chauffer driven passengers will enjoy the back seat which offers great space and can easily sit three abreast comfortably.

Himanshi Jaiswal points out, “Those who love cars and have a big family they can easily prefer the S-Cross.” Overall, there’s a great sense of space on offer inside the car that adds to the luxury quotient.

The drive

At the heart of the matter is the silky smooth and punchy 1.5-K-series petrol engine with 104bhp. Shubham Nagar is satisfied with the performance of the engine and told us, “Whenever I press the pedal while driving the car, I never feel that I need some more power.” This motor gets the next Generation Smart hybrid system, which means you get a lithium ion battery pack that stores up energy each time you brake. This energy is then used to give torque assist to the engine when you need rapid acceleration helping with the overall performance. But that’s not all, this feature also helps the engine’s idle start/stop function, which in turn helps overall fuel economy. So, it’s easy to say that this engine is the best of both worlds, giving good performance as well as fuel economy.

The 180mm ground clearance means that the S-Cross is ready for adventure. Take it out of town on a long distance journey with your loved ones or simply take it to the hills, you will enjoy the exhilarating drive experience. Driving enthusiasts will simply love the steering wheel response, which feels very communicative and balanced, while the suspension gives you a great sense of confidence even at faster speeds. At slower speeds, the ride is comfortable and soaks all the bumps.


All these qualities make the NEXA S-Cross a highly desirable product and gets an easy recommendation from customers as well. Ashish Dwivedi chimes in by saying, “If someone wants to buy a premium SUV, I mean they want to feel like they are driving a premium car, I’ll recommend the NEXA S-Cross to them.” In summary, it’s easy to see why the Nexa S-Cross has legions of fans all across the country and why over 150,000 of them have chosen this SUV. It offers a sophisticated silhouette, a classy cabin, rich features and a super smooth yet powerful engine. This isn’t just any other SUV, it is the Nexa S-Cross, a car heads and shoulders above its rivals.


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