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Note: The features and highlights listed above are available in only selective variants.

S-Cross Design

The Refined SUV exudes pure Sophistication & Power

Sharp and Crystalline LED Projector Headlamps with DRLs

The sophisticated sharp design of the LED Projector Headlamps with DRLs radiates a dominating power. The crystalline finish on these lights further elevates the sophisticated persona of the vehicle.

Vertical Front Chrome Grille

The Refined SUV comes with an all metal grille that boasts of an aggressive attitude and exhibits power, enough to take on any adventure.

Nexa S cross chrome grille Nexa S cross vertical chrome grille

Masculine Design

Strong design lines and sharp angles of the new S-Cross gives the vehicle an upright masculine stance that never goes ignored.

Machined Alloy Wheels

The dynamic Alloy Wheels take the sophistication to a whole new level. Enjoy each ride to the extreme as you take these metal marvels for a spin.

LED Rear Combination Lamp

The rear of the vehicle adds a sharp aesthetic to the new S-Cross Petrol, thanks to the LED Rear Combination Lamps whose streamlined design exudes a sophisticated aura.

Scross led rear combination lamp Scross LED Rear Combination Lamp


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How premium is the interior of the S-CROSS?

    The NEXA S-CROSS is a Refined SUV not only because of the excellent features that the car is equipped with but also for the premium leather seat upholstery, satin chrome finish and spacious interiors. The sophisticated interiors of S-CROSS along with advanced features adds to the feel-good experience in every drive.

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S-Cross Design

The New S-CROSS Petrol – The Refined SUV with a Dominating Design

What unites Power and Sophistication like nothing else? The Refined SUV. The new S-CROSS Petrol!

The new S-CROSS Petrol looks stunning from every angle. Be it inside or outside, this vehicle beckons you with its sophisticated persona. It flaunts strong design lines and sharp angles that give off a dominating aura.

The new S-CROSS Petrol’s exterior comes with aggressive looks that make quite the first impression. The Refined SUV has an all-metal Vertical Front Chrome Grille that adds to its dominating design and demands a second look. The sharp and confident Automatic LED Projector Headlamps with LED DRLs elevates its sophisticated persona, while its crystalline look lends the new S-CROSS Petrol a refined feel. Apart from adding to the powerful design, these lights help you get a clearer view so you manoeuvre through rough roads with utmost safety. The rear is accentuated by the streamlined design of the LED Rear Combination Lamps.

Moreover, the dynamic Machined Alloy Wheels take its attitude to a whole new level. You can enjoy each ride to the extreme as you take these metal marvels for a spin. Don’t take us for our words, you can view the new S-CROSS Petrol’s images for yourself and be awed by the sophistication it exudes.

The uniqueness of the exteriors extends to the S-CROSS interiors as well. No matter where your adventures take you, no matter how rugged or challenging the way is, the interiors will keep you calm. The New S-CROSS’ interiors offer you a world of comfort. Its expansive space, premium leather upholstery, stylish contours and soft-touch dashboard will make your every drive an unforgettable experience. The Maruti Suzuki S-CROSS’ interior indeed, allows you to bask in a sophisticated glory.

A unique blend of strength outside and luxury inside, the NEXA S-CROSS Petrol is the triumph of design. Check out the awe-inspiring S-CROSS’ car pictures on the website to experience it for yourself. You can further have a 360-degree view of the Maruti Suzuki S-CROSS Petrol that lets you in on an amazing world of power and sophistication.

Visit your nearest NEXA showroom and book a test drive to experience sophistication and power.

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