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S-CROSS Engine

The Refined and Powerful New Petrol Engine


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Drive within the city or explore the rugged terrain. Where you take the S-Cross, is for you to choose. Its masculine design, tough attitude and advanced technology makes it ready for challenging drives. And with stunning looks, indulgent features and luxurious interiors, the S-Cross makes heads turn in the city. So, go, explore with the S-Cross and let drives be your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the performance of NEXA S-CROSS by Maruti Suzuki?

    NEXA S-CROSS is a Refined SUV that comes with the right blend of power and sophistication. From the powerful K15 petrol engine with the Next-Gen Smart Hybrid technology in the automatic and manual transmission, S-CROSS is designed to offer unmatched performance complemented by greater fuel efficiency and enhanced safety.

  • What is the maximum power produced by NEXA S-CROSS petrol engine?
  • What are the performance specifications of S-CROSS Petrol?
  • What is the fuel tank capacity of NEXA S-CROSS?
  • How much cc is S-CROSS petrol engine?
  • What is the ARAI rated mileage of the NEXA S-CROSS?
  • Is NEXA S-CROSS BS6 compliant?

S-Cross Engine

The new S-CROSS Petrol is built to exude power and sophistication. With a dominating exterior design, luxurious interiors, innovative features and advanced technology, the new S-CROSS Petrol lives up to its sophisticated persona. Adding more power to the Refined SUV, the new 1.5L Petrol engine enables you to drive smoothly through all your journeys. So, no matter what lies ahead of you, you can sail through your adventure with absolute comfort and ease in the Refined SUV.

The new S-CROSS Petrol is powered by the 1.5L K15 Petrol Engine, which ensures that you experience all the power you need throughout your drive. This powerful engine doesn’t just provide the best-in-class fuel efficiency, it also adds to the refined experience of driving the vehicle. Moreover, keeping up with the regulations, this engine is also BS6 compliant, which means reduced carbon emissions.

That’s not all, this powerful new 1.5L Petrol Engine in the new S-CROSS Petrol delivers a power of 77kW@6000rpm at a peak torque of 138Nm@4400rpm. The new S-CROSS’ Petrol engine comes with an engine capacity of 1462 cc, a substantial fuel tank capacity of 48L and a mileage or fuel efficiency* of 18.55km/l for Manual and 18.43km/l for Automatic Transmission. The Maruti Suzuki new S-CROSS Petrol is hence the perfect vehicle to power you through all your long adventure escapades. (*Fuel efficiency as certified by the test agency under rule 115 of CMVR 1989.)

The new S-CROSS Petrol also comes equipped with Automatic Transmission, which further adds to the refined experience of driving the Refined SUV. Be it slick city roads or rugged terrains, the new S-CROSS Petrol has enough power to take on the longest journeys.

The urban nomad in you looks for adventures beyond the usual and that calls for a powerful engine that can deliver a smooth performance. This is why the new S-CROSS’ powerful petrol engine boasts the Next-Gen Advanced Smart Hybrid Technology that allows for better performance and further contributes to lower emissions.

It works in three-fold fashion:

Idle Stop-Start
The engine automatically stops when idle and silently starts when the optimal conditions are met in manual. This helps in increasing fuel efficiency.

Brake Energy Regeneration
Braking charges the special high capacity, which in return assists the engine’s idle stop start and the torque assist function.

Torque Assist Function
The energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery assists during acceleration. This helps the engine in providing optimal acceleration and performance.

So, hold your breath as the refined power unfolds with the new S-CROSS Petrol, the Refined SUV. With an engine so powerful and best-in-class mileage, the new Maruti Suzuki S-CROSS Petrol is on a journey to create new driving experiences.

Experience the refined power of the engine for yourself. Visit your nearest NEXA showroom to book a test drive.

At NEXA, we Create to Inspire. Come, be a part of our world.

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