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The XL6 Colours

NEXA XL6 Black Logo

Nexa Blue

NEXA Blue is the shade of innovation and inspiration that lies at the heart of the brand NEXA. Taking inspiration from NEXA Blue, the XL6 drives a sense of pride in owning a premium 6-seater that is a perfect blend of comfort and style.

NEXA XL6 Black Logo

Arctic White

Arctic White colour of the XL6 represents perfection and tranquility. It creates a sense of spaciousness and accentuates the powerful stance of the XL6.

NEXA XL6 Black Logo

Auburn Red

The XL6 in Auburn Red is the perfect definition of elegance and sophistication in life. It is guaranteed to take one’s style quotient up a notch with its premium looks.

XL6 Brave khakhi colour NEXA XL6 Black Logo

Brave Khaki

The Brave Khaki colour of the XL6 symbolizes stability and security. It instils a feeling of being in total control while one enjoys the absolute comfort of the XL6.

XL6 Grey colour NEXA XL6 Black Logo

Magma Grey

The Magma Grey personifies a premium yet a mature stance of the XL6. The subtle shade amplifies the stylish looks and exhibits a sense of a comfortable drive.

Nexa XL6 Silver colour NEXA XL6 Black Logo

Premium Silver

The XL6 in Premium Silver indicates richness and modernity. It uplifts the stature by imparting an ornate touch to one’s lifestyle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the XL6 available in white colour?

    Yes, NEXA XL6 is available in the Arctic White colour. The prices of XL6 are the same for all the colour options, and only vary as per the variant you choose.

  • What are the colour options available in NEXA XL6?

XL6 Colours

The XL6 by NEXA is a premium MPV that brings together a feeling of comfort and convenience, complimented by a sporty stance. With 6 iconic colours, the NEXA XL6 stands out effortlessly. Each colour embodies a different take and semblance to match the individual personalities and traits of its owners.


NEXA Blue is a shade of blue that embodies the values of innovation and inspiration that form the very basis of the brand NEXA. While being the signature colour of the brand NEXA, the XL6 in NEXA Blue truly stands out and inspires everyone to own it with pride.

Brave Khaki

NEXA has always delivered in its pursuit to create and inspire. Keeping in line with its philosophy, the Brave Khaki colour was created and introduced for the XL6. It is a personification of stability and security that exudes a feeling of comfort in your drives.

Auburn Red

NEXA has not left any stone unturned in making the XL6 a complete package inside and out. The classy Auburn Red hue of the XL6 reflects prominence and projects sophistication. Auburn red being an elegant shade is sure to be a head-turner when you drive past a crowd.

Magma Gray

NEXA’s genesis stems from the simplicity of creation and maturity in inspiration. Nothing can beat a subtle and a mature impression as displayed by the Magma Grey shade of the XL6. The Magma Grey XL6 makes its presence felt and delivers a sense of newness and confidence.

Premium Silver

The Premium Silver colour adds to the modern persona of the XL6 along with its distinctive sheen that accentuates the richness not just on the inside but outside as well, reinforcing its proposition of being a luxurious MPV.

Arctic White

Perfection is another word that sums up everything that NEXA stands for. The Arctic White XL6 confidently highlights the excellence in every detail that stems from its suave stance and comfortable interiors.

At NEXA, we Create to Inspire. Come, be a part of our world.

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