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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cubic capacity of the K-Series petrol engine in the All-New NEXA XL6?

    Powered by the Next Generation K series 1.5L Dual Jet Dual-VVT petrol engine, the All-New NEXA XL6 is a powerhouse that offers refined driving performance and strong fuel efficiency.

  • What is the engine oil capacity of the All-New NEXA XL6 engine?
  • How is the engine of the All-New NEXA XL6?
  • Which engine is used in the All-New NEXA XL6?
  • What is the recommended Engine oil grade for the All-New NEXA XL6?


It is time to indulge in the refined driving experience of the All-New NEXA XL6. The All-New NEXA XL6 embodies an imposing stance complemented by unbridled innovation and powerful performance with a Next-Generation 1.5L K-Series Dual Jet Dual-VVT Engine. This petrol engine in the All-New NEXA XL6 comes with Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology which improves fuel efficiency while also enhancing drivability.

The New Maruti XL6 Engine Details

Powerful Performance That Inspires

The All-New NEXA XL6 delivers a refined driving experience. The Next Generation K-Series 1.5L Dual Jet Dual-VVT engine of the All-New NEXA XL6 makes a maximum power of 75.8 kW @ 6000 rpm and peak torque of 136.8 Nm @ 4400 rpm, all the while delivering indulgent performance.

Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology

The All-New NEXA XL6 takes innovation to another level with its Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology. It comes with features like Idle Start Stop to reduce fuel consumption and Torque Assist During Acceleration, thereby improving the overall drivability.

Impressive Mileage

The All-New NEXA XL6 is available with a choice of a 5-speed Manual Transmission or the 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with steering mounted Paddle Shifters. Both transmissions work seamlessly with The Next Generation K-Series 1.5L Dual Jet Dual-VVT engine in the All-New NEXA XL6 by Maruti Suzuki to provide great drivability along with strong mileage figures of 20.97 Km/l(MT) and 20.27 Km/l(AT) so that indulgent driving never stops.

Driving Convenience That Indulges

The All-New NEXA XL6 indulges you effortlessly with the 6-Speed Automatic Transmission trim that comes with steering-mounted Paddle Shifters for a more engaging driving experience. Indulgent in its stance, the All-New NEXA XL6 is for those who seek new experiences.

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