• All Grip

    Rules with a firm grip

  • Intelligent Electric Hybrid

    Rules with revolutionary technology

  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

    Rules with utmost comfort

  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission

    Rules with a powerful persona

Rule every terrain – The Grand Vitara With AllGrip Select

Tackle any terrain and conquer every road. Go beyond the ordinary and rule every road. This is the Advanced Grand Vitara, equipped with Suzuki AllGrip Select, a legendary four-wheel drive technology from Suzuki. Experience different driving styles with a simple push-and-turn dial to adjust the electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system as per your next adventure

Key Highlights

  • Drive Mode Selector

  • Black & Bordeaux Dual Tone Interiors

  • Smart Play Pro+

  • Panoramic Sunroof

  • R 17 Dual Tone Precision Cut Alloy Wheels

  • DRLs

  • LED Tail Lamps

  • Projector Headlamps

Equipped for every terrain

The vehicle uses 2-wheel drive by default to prioritize fuel efficiency. On encountering a low traction situation, the sensors detect slippage and automatically allocate power to the rear wheels through an electronic control coupling device, shifting the vehicle into 4 WHEEL DRIVE mode.

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The engine provides a sportier performance, while the Control Unit anticipates the vehicle motion with the help of the sensors. The ESP limits traction control intervention to maximise the driver’s sense of control over the vehicle.

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The vehicle pre-dominantly uses 4-wheel drive to allocate optimal drive power to all four wheels to support stable driving. On detecting loss of traction, the ESP allows traction control to intervene and stabilize the drive.

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Optimal for driving over slippery or rough roads. The torque is fed to the rear wheels even before throttle input is applied. The ESP enhances extrication performance by using the traction control system to wheels with low grip level and maximizes the torque allocation to wheel with adequate grip.

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Rules with Technology

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The 4WD Control allocates torque to the rear wheels after detecting front wheel slippage. It also offers feedback and feed-forward control that anticipates slippage based on the road surface, throttle opening position and steering angles, and allocates the torque to rear wheels before any slippage occurs.

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Synergetic Vehicle Dynamics Control stabilizes your drive by monitoring conditions through a steering angle sensor, yaw rate sensor and other systems. It properly allocates steering assist torque and front & rear wheel torque to suppress vehicle from skidding before the ESP intervenes.

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ESP is optimally controlled for each of the drive modes. In Sport Mode, it weakens traction control intervention to maximise the sense of control for the driver. In Snow Mode, it allows the traction control to intervene strongly to maximise stability. In Lock Mode, it enhances the extrication performance by using a traction control system that applies brakes to the wheels when they are spinning without traction and allocates torque to the wheels that have grip.

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To enhance your driving experience, the powertrain is controlled when you are in Sport Mode. It modifies the throttle-torque performance in the low to medium engine speed range.

Benefits of Suzuki AllGrip Select Technology


Advanced 4-wheel drive control

Four easily selectable modes let you choose the 4WD setting that best matches the driving conditions.


Tackle Diverse Terrains and Weather Conditions

The different drive modes provide you the control to take on different driving conditions.


High Fuel Efficiency

The AllGrip Select provides better fuel efficiency by allowing you to choose from four driving modes.


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