Ignis Banner Image
  • NEXA Blue

  • Lucent Orange

  • Silky Silver

  • Turquoise Blue

  • Glistening Grey

  • Pearl Arctic White

  • Lucent Orange With Black Roof

  • Nexa Blue With Silver Roof

  • Nexa Blue With Black Roof

  • Ignis Highlights

Note: The features and highlights listed above are available in only selective variants.

The Ignis Price In Aligarh

Maruti Suzuki Ignis
IGNIS Petrol Sigma₹ 5 34 948.00
IGNIS Petrol Delta₹ 5 98 948.00
IGNIS Petrol Zeta₹ 6 46 948.00
IGNIS Petrol AMT Delta₹ 6 48 948.00
IGNIS Petrol AMT Zeta₹ 6 96 948.00
IGNIS Petrol Alpha₹ 7 21 948.00
IGNIS Petrol AMT Alpha₹ 7 71 948.00


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