Ans:Customer Convenience Package (CCP) is a coverage provided by Maruti Suzuki India Limited (“Maruti Suzuki”) which covers repair/replacement cost of engine or its allied part(s) which gets damaged owing to issues/ defect arising due to water entry causing hydro lock or failure of engine parts and/or due to use of adulterated fuel (“Incidents”), which are not covered under warranty or extended warranty. CCP can be purchased within 9 months or 40,000 Km from Date of Sale.

Ans: Currently Maruti Suzuki offers CCP plans for a year in 3 options – i) CCP hydro which covers hydrostatic part failure; ii) CCP fuel which covers fuel adulteration failure; and iii) CCP plus which covers both hydrostatic failure and fuel adulteration failure.

Ans: CCP Package will be available in 9 types, given below:

  • i)  CCP Gold - valid up to 20 000 km or 12 months (Hydro, Fuel, Plus)
  • i)   CCP Platinum - valid up to 40 000 km or 12 months (Hydro, Fuel, Plus)
  • i)  CCP Royal Platinum- valid up to 60 000 km or 12 months (Hydro, Fuel, Plus)

Ans: The cost of CCP varies with every model variant. You can get an estimated cost for customer convenience package on the Maruti Suzuki Service web page official website of Maruti Suzuki under the tab Services.

Ans: No, as long as you visit any authorized Maruti Suzuki Dealer Service Centre, you can claim repairs under CCP at any dealership, in any location across India.

Ans: a. If CCP is purchased within 15 days of the vehicle sale invoice date - Benefits can be availed for 12 months from purchase of the CCP.

  • b.  If CCP is purchased after 15 days of the vehicle sale invoice date - Benefits can be availed after completion of 90 days of purchase of the CCP for 12 months. Kindly note that the eligibility period is duly mentioned in the certificate and claims will be accepted during the said timeline.

Ans: Consumables like Coolant, Engine oil etc.to address failures/damage arising solely out of water entry in the engine or failure of engine parts due to use of adulterated fuel shall be covered under the CPP. However, the discretion of Maruti Suzuki shall be final and binding in this regard.

Ans: Immediately take all steps necessary to minimize the extent of loss. The customer must bring the vehicle without delay to the nearest MSIL authorized workshop at his own cost to effect repair and to apprise the workshop about the CCP. Customer should also authorize the workshop to inspect the vehicle by dismantling requisite parts and establish the cause of breakdown/concern.

Ans: If the CCP is cancelled, the amount paid shall stand forfeited.

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