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Driven by innovation, NEXA has always aspired to create exciting experiences for the world. And in our bid to introduce such experiences, we keep seeking the new, the unexplored and the unconventional. So, come, explore the world of NEXA. Create. Inspire.

Presenting NEXA Music


A first of its kind initiative to create and discover the best...

Celebrating a Stellar Fusion of NEXA and IIFA

NEXA has consistently led the way in innovation, constantly crafting exceptional experiences that not only leave a deep impression but also ignite inspiration. By venturing into fashion, music, and entertainment, NEXA has skillfully woven a collection of unparalleled and indelible moments for its premium customers.

From 8 years of excellence to infinite possibilities: Celebrating NEXA’s remarkable journey.

NEXA's remarkable journey has always been about crafting extraordinary and inspiring experiences that leave a lasting impact on our customers. Over the course of 8 incredible years, we have evolved from simply selling automobiles to delivering premium and exceptional automotive experiences. Our dedication to excellence has resulted in over 2 Million car sales through our extensive network of 460+ outlets.

India’s Best Resorts: A curious escape into luxury

At NEXA, we strive to create experiences for our customers that leave them inspired. Our heart lies in exploring the new and discovering the spirit that keeps us going. Our core values are reflected in everything we do.

Our Philosophy

Create Inspire

NEXA CREATE. INSPIRE. NEXA embraces the relentless spirit of creators that never stops exploring, innovating, influencing and experimenting.

Nexa Blue

Meet NEXA Blue. A Signature Shade Created Exclusively For NEXA: The colour of our innovation


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Play the Time to Indulge filter game and win indulgent prizes. Search for the filter on Instagram using ‘NEXA’ or ‘TIME TO INDULGE’. Share your reel & tag @NexaExperience

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Looking for a cool place to hang out with your 5 friends in the city? Look no further. The Ignis with ample space that seats 5 people comfortably is the coolest place to hangout with your friends.

Living out of an SUV. Sounds crazy right? But that's what Kamiya Jani did on her journey to self discovery with her S-Cross! Stay tuned for more #NexaExperience

Beautiful mountains & chilly weather. The perfect combination to rejuvenate yourself. Kamiya Jani took her S-Cross to the majestic mountains of Uttarakhand on a journey of self-discovery!

Fashion can truly capture your individuality. What’s your style statement? Hear from our guests as they tell us about their unique style statement. #NEXA