Time to hit play - 4 new super winner songs​

Handpicked and mentored by the music maestro himself, AR Rahman, 4 super winners out of the 24 Lab Artists have now launched their own singles in collaboration with NEXA Music. Take a look at these new tracks and get grooving!

Heat Sink

Can’t Let You

Can’t Let You is a progressive jazz track that shows an empowering take on reclaiming your power in a toxic relationship and defying the ones that try to seek control over your life. Listen to this song for its meaningful lyrics and the emotions behind them.

NEXA Music Labs Playlist​​

From 1100 artists, 24 were selected for their musical prowess and inducted into NEXA Music Labs. Mentored by world-renowned musicians, A.R. Rahman and Clinton Cerejo, the artists have released their own original songs. Plug in and play as these numbers are a hit parade.


Hey Good Evening

This is the debut single of the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Mumbai. Hit play on this pop song that describes her journey as a musician.


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