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  • NEXA Blue

  • Caffeine Brown

  • Granite Grey

  • Pearl Arctic White

  • Premium Silver

The S-Cross Colours



The signature shade that encapsulates our drive for innovation. Its sophistication perfectly mirrors the persona of the new S-CROSS Petrol, making its presence a powerful one no matter where the road takes you.

Caffeine Brown

The new S-CROSS Petrol in Caffeine Brown exudes a sense of aggression beneath a layer of subtle sophistication.

Granite Gray

Get ready for a display of sophisticated power. The Granite Gray S-CROSS Petrol is indeed meant for the ones who thirst for adventure.

Pearl Arctic White

Dominate the terrains with magnificence. The new S-CROSS Petrol in Pearl Arctic White is meant for the ones with refined taste.

Premium Silver

Strikingly aggressive, the new S-CROSS Petrol in Premium Silver shade reflects the refined persona of the ones who drive it.


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Calling all adventure lovers! The New S-CROSS Petrol is ready to take you on a journey that satiates your hunger for adventure. Powered by the new 1.5L Petrol engine, the SUV delivers a refined driving experience in all your journeys. If you thought the new powerful engine was the only highlight in the S-CROSS Petrol, think again. The dominating exterior design, the luxurious interiors, the advanced technology, and innovative features make the new S-CROSS Petrol a thrilling ride.

The new S-CROSS Petrol comes in five sophisticated colours that add to its persona. Let’s take a look at these colours, shall we?

NEXA Blue: As a true embodiment of everything NEXA stands for, the colour, NEXA Blue, exudes innovation. And, the new S-CROSS Petrol in the colour NEXA Blue takes sophistication to a whole new level. This signature shade stands out amidst the crowd no matter where you go.

Caffeine Brown: Adding to its sophisticated and confident look, the Caffeine brown colour makes the new S-CROSS Petrol a sight to behold as it drives through the uneven terrains with ease.

Granite Grey: For the ones who dare to take on unexplored paths, S-CROSS – The Refined SUV in the colour Granite Grey is the perfect driving companion. This shade exudes sheer power and leaves every onlooker in awe.

Premium Silver: Striking, refined and sophisticated. That’s exactly what defines the new S-CROSS Petrol in the colour Premium Silver. This shade is bound to make heads turn whether you’re driving through city roads or untamed paths.

Pearl Arctic White: Classic yet disruptive. The new S-CROSS Petrol in the colour Pearl Arctic White lends a dash of charm to its powerful and sophisticated persona.

Driven by the goal to deliver unforgettable experiences, NEXA has always strived towards innovation. And this manifests in all the offerings provided by NEXA. Every colour of the new Maruti Suzuki S-CROSS Petrol further enhances the sophisticated and powerful aura of the vehicle.

Walk into your nearest showroom to explore the variants and colours of the Refined SUV, or check them out on our website.

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