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No, your existing Suzuki Connect credentials will not be valid anymore. You have to download the new Suzuki Connect app from Google/Apple App store and create new credentials to Sign Up again.

The ‘Register Your Interest’ form will open and if you are an existing Suzuki Connect user, please download the new Suzuki Connect app from the links provided.

The existing credentials for NEXA app will remain the same, however for Suzuki Connect login you have to sign up again to create new credentials.

NEXA app functionality will remain the same; however, Suzuki Connect functionality will be offered through the new app.

You have to provide your mobile number, which is the same you provided at the time of billing/purchase of your Suzuki Connect device. In addition, you would require your vehicle reg. number or Vehicle Identification Number. You are required to first check the Terms & Conditions and then click 'Request OTP' to get OTP. Thereafter ‘Create Password’ screen will appear. Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number and create a new password to complete the registration process.

You can get the details of your registered mobile number from the existing NEXA App. Simply, go to your NEXA profile and click on 'Personal Details' and refer to the ‘Mobile No.’ field.

VIN is Vehicle Identification Number. In NEXA application, click on 'My Profile' -> 'My Vehicles'. Use the VRN present in 'My Vehicle' page --> 'General Information' --> 'VIN No.’. You can also find it on your Registration Certificate (RC)

VRN is Vehicle Registration Number. It can be a temporary number or a number provided by respective RTO.

In NEXA application, click on 'My Profile' -> 'My Vehicles'. Use the VRN present in 'My Vehicle' page.

No ‘-‘ is not required.

Suzuki Connect system will be offered as an accessory and it can be installed on all the variants of specified models.

No, Sign up using a valid mobile number and any valid VIN/VRN number. If more than one vehicle exists for that phone number, you can see all of them in the drop down list present in the side menu of Suzuki Connect app after successful Sign up.

Yes Suzuki Connect App can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple Store.

This system uses a renowned service provider. Customers will not be able to choose service provider on their own.

Maps use the 'HERE' technology.

No, Suzuki Connect is not a Plug and Play device. Plug and Play devices can be removed easily from the cars hence are not safe. Suzuki Connect is a Tamper Proof device that is installed in the Engine Control Unit and is, therefore, more secure.

No, there is no direct access to the device software through external sources like a USB, SD Card, Wi-Fi, etc.

Your data is absolutely safe and secure with our advanced security firewalls and safeguards.

Family members and close friends of the primary user should be assigned as Emergency Contacts. The user can add up to a maximum of five emergency contacts with whom the user is comfortable sharing their vehicle's whereabouts.

You can add up to a maximum of 5 emergency contacts.

Yes, it is connected to the car battery.

The device needs to be connected to car battery at all times to function. In case of drainage, the device will resume functioning only after the battery is recharged.

This device comes with a smartphone App for the user. The App can be installed using login credentials. Hence, it is not SIM/Network dependent or Phone dependent. The minimum Operating System requirements for Suzuki Connect are: Android Version: 4.1 and above iOS Version: 10.0 and above

The device works similarly to a mobile phone that switches networks automatically.

All the data is stored on MSIL servers.

No, all data will be saved and accessed through the App only.

1. Valid Vehicle Registration Certificate/Vehicle Invoice (in case Registration Certificate is under process) 2. Aadhaar Card 3. Driving Licence

This device is installed below the car dashboard.

It takes approximately 45 minutes to install the device.

The device should be activated within an hour.

Yes, it is associated with the VIN number and Chassis number of your vehicle.

At present the unit is available for NEXA Cars. Subsequently it will be provided on our other cars.

Yes, the device comes with a 3-year warranty.

No, it doesn’t require any service or maintenance.

The price of the device is INR 9999. This price includes the cost of the device, 3-year subscription & applicable taxes.

No this device comes with a Smartphone App for the customers.

Once installed, the device cannot be switched off.

The App can be downloaded & used by any customer who has purchased Suzuki Connect.

The users can connect to our call centre for any assistance they need for their vehicle or Suzuki Connect device or the App.

Yes, anybody from your friends and family can be assigned as Emergency Contact.

No, the device is not covered under insurance.

The device works on a 2G spectrum and will work even when there is no 3G/4G connectivity. For the app to work on phone, it requires data connection, irrespective of the service provider.

This notification appears in case of a Car Assistance Call is made from users end. Or in case of any preventive functional call is made from our customer care.

It will be available across all NEXA showrooms.

Suzuki Connect is a technology that integrates your car into your connected lifestyle. It provides you with near real-time information about your vehicle’s location, driving diagnostics, and performance.

It will be an additional purchase. The price of the device is INR 9999. This price includes the cost of the device, 3-year subscription & applicable taxes.

No, the installation will be provided free of cost along with the purchase of the product.

Suzuki Connect comes with a host of safety features, from tracking your car to geo-fencing. The device also sends preventive functional alerts & emergency notifications. Further, you can also track the live status of your car, diagnostics as well as its precise location.

Yes, you can track location, route, speed and other details of your car if someone else is driving the vehicle.

Yes, an authorised NEXA dealership can show you a live demo of Suzuki Connect. Please contact your nearest NEXA dealership.

At present, Suzuki Connect is available for all NEXA cars (Ignis, Baleno, Ciaz& S-Cross). It will be available for other cars soon.

Suzuki Connect endeavours to empower you with all the relevant information about your vehicle. While some alerts and calls are made by Maruti Suzuki, further action on the same will be a choice made by the user.

No, at present Suzuki Connect endeavours to empower you with relevant information about your car. This information is provided proactively and thereby results in improved driving experience. Besides it provides complete peace of mind through live tracking of your car.

Suzuki Connect is now available across all NEXA showrooms.

GNSS and GSM based connectivity solution.

Suzuki Connect provides a host of advantages over any other solution available in the market. First, Suzuki Connect is an embedded device and therefore, it will be very difficult to remove/misuse the device. Second, our system provides live information through the ECU and thereby givesinformation about engine function (Low battery, Fuel alert, Oil leaks, etc.) unlike any other solution provided by third parties.

Call Centre will call immediately once the event is registered. The technician should reach at the earliest. However, it varies from location to location & depends on distance & traffic.

No, it does not have an in-built memory.

No, the warranty of device is independent of car’s warranty.

Yes, the Primary User has to visit a nearby dealership/workshop and submit the KYC and relevant documents to get the phone number changed.

No, resubmission of KYC is not required.

No, the customer can view the App only on his Smartphone.

No, the customer won’t receive any alert.

At present, all accessories can be financed through Maruti Finance. Suzuki Connect being an accessory can also be financed. Keep in mind that Suzuki Connect is a combination of product (hardware) & services (subscription). Therefore, only the product components can be financed.

There will be no impact while the car is being serviced.

Yes, as long as it is not logged out manually.

Yes. Suzuki Connect has no dependency on phone brands. The minimum Operating System requirements for Suzuki Connect are: Android Version: 4.1 and above iOS Version: 10.0 and above

The car can still be tracked by logging into another phone (with eligible OS versions) through correct login details.

Parameters will be same in most of the instances. The difference in certain instances might be due to poor network reception, GPS inaccuracies, etc.

No refund shall be provided in the event of termination of Suzuki Connect services.

The customer has to submit the KYC details along with the required documents at the time of buying the device.It is the responsibility of the Dealer/Relationship Manager/Accessory Executive to ensure the completion of KYC. As per the process, once the sale is completed in DMS, an automatic trigger will go to the service provider for activation of the device. The device shall get activated within 30 minutes of sale.

Yes, it can be removed as per user discretion. But it cannot be shifted from one car to another car.

No, the previous owner’s data cannot be shared with the new owner. It is the responsibility of the previous owner to complete all the formalities pertaining to transfer of ownership before the sale of vehicle.

The customer has to visit the nearby dealership/workshop & complete all the formalities in order to deactivate the device.

Yes, you need a working data connection for the App to work and to provide you accurate information on near real-time basis.

User will receive an automatic update notification. It can be updated through the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.

Yes, the device can be purchased at any time.

Old data cannot be accessed after deactivation of device.

No, it won’t get deleted.

You will need any phone that has Android/iOS with compatible software version. You also need a working data connection in order to get information & alerts on your phone.

It can’t be done. The device is paired to a car. It is not permitted to swap the device from one car to another car.

Suzuki Connect can be downloaded from Google Play & Apple Store

No it doesn’t require any other App for it to work.

If the device is disconnected from the car, user will get the 'Device Disconnected' alert.

No, KYC will be available only at the dealership/workshop.

The customer will receive the SMS on their registered mobile no.

If the car is transferred to a new owner, it is the responsibility of the current owner to inform the new owner about the device. The new owner will then have to get the Suzuki Connect device transferred in his name by visiting any nearby dealership. At the time of transfer, the previous owner’s name, address and registered mobile no. will be replaced by the new owner’s details. The new owner of the vehicle will have to furnish the vehicle ownership proof (RC copy/Invoice Copy/Insurance copy) to the dealership. The dealership will also collect the completed KYC form from the new owner.

Yes, All Suzuki Connect fitted cars for a given user shall appear as a drop down list in side menu section of Suzuki Connect App. The data of any vehicle can be accessed by selecting the same from drop down list.

Yes, a user can register multiple units on the same number if they own more than one NEXA car.

Our complete Privacy Policy will be made available during activation of the Suzuki Connect App on the smartphone.

No, any legally eligible car buyer (of the age of 18 and above) can use Suzuki Connect portal.

We respect your privacy and your data is absolutely safe and secure with our advanced firewalls and security systems. You can use this data for analysis of your driving habits and to keep a check on your vehicle.

No, all alerts are sent only to you and your emergency contacts. However, if police raises a warrant we might have to provide the data, if applicable, in accordance with the prevailing law.

Through the App, SMS & Email for the App user. Only SMS or Email for emergency contacts.

Calling button on the dashboard of Suzuki Connect can be used for manually triggering car assistance.

Yes, the support is provided 24*7.

A. A maximum of 5 geo-fences can be created at one point of time and the maximum distance is 50 kms.

it mentions the radius.

Driver Score is calculated out of 100. It shows how the driver has fared on various driving parameters such as acceleration, speed, braking, driving duration, etc.

Towing shall be detected based on the tilt of the vehicle & change in vehicle coordinates while the car’s ignition is off. (However in case of flatbed tow away mechanism, since vehicle tilt is very limited, tow away alert might not trigger).

The system sees this as TRIP OFF therefore, only the last saved location and the vehicle details will be available.

The device needs to be in a good network zone for it to function. Also, a working data connection in phone is required to fetch information on the phone. No, the device will not share any information when there is low/no connectivity.

No. Currently, our map does not support parking level data.

Data that is 90-days old can be accessed. Please note that to access data, a max. of 30 days can be chosen at one time.

Though, the URL can be shared with unlimited number of people through WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. but a maximum of 10 persons can access the URL at one point of time.

Notifications through SMS/Email will be sent to the emergency contacts added by the App user. One can add maximum upto 5 emergency contacts.

No, it cannot be changed.

These factors are already considered and will not lead to a new Trip. However, in case the ignition is turned off during long hauls, it will account for a new trip.

When a car is not driven, the device can share the vehicle data for a few days (duration depends on the vehicle’s battery condition) in power-saving mode. Beyond this duration, the device will intelligently switch to a self-shut mode to avoid further discharge of vehicle’s battery.

The location of the car will be shared.

There is no limit to the no. of trips but the data will be stored for 90 days. Please note to access data, a max of 30 days can be chosen at one time.

Data is reasonably accurate. However, there might be error in certain instances due to poor network reception, GPS inaccuracies, etc.

The data is updated in near real-time.

Driving Behaviour feature helps you analyse and better your driving performance based on various parameters such as acceleration, speed, braking, driving duration, etc.

Yes, the car can still be stolen. But Suzuki Connect endeavours to empower you with all the relevant information via alerts and calls. However, further action on the same will be a choice that you make. A vehicle can only be tracked as long as it is connected with the device. The device needs to be in a good network zone for it to function.

No, that’s not possible.

SHVS factors are already considered and it will not account for a new Trip.

The Seat belt indicator function is only for the driver.

Yes. Although, user inference is required.

No, the notification messages are preset.

The specified speed limit range is 50-160 km/h. Yes, you can set a threshold value between this range.

Low Fuel Alert values for Petrol/Diesel are user-configurable at 20%, 30% and 40%. The user will also get an alert when the low fuel indicator on the speedometer is switched 'ON'.

It is browser-based.

No, it will share your location on near real-time basis.

Yes, the user can zoom in & zoom out on the map.

No, however vehicle location sharing feature is available.

No. It can only be cancelled.

No, it doesn’t show the traffic intensity.

No, it doesn’t show the traffic intensity.

No, the trip reports are only for the user to review and analyse.

Trajectory is mapped to help the driver analyse his driving performance for a particular trip.

No. It will depend on their driving habits & other external factors like road conditions, etc.

Yes, if the alert setting is enabled.

The technician should reach within 35 mins. from the call logged time. However, it varies from location to location & depends on distance & traffic.

Yes. User will be navigated to the nearby fuel station only when the Low Fuel alert is triggered.

No. You will only receive SMS & Email notifications, in case you had enabled it in the alert settings in the app.

The URL of car’s location is shared.

No, to access the location one can open the location link in Google Maps.

Yes, it is necessary.

No. It is browser-based.

Yes, the user can Geo-Fence any location but only up to a maximum 5 Geo-Fence locations.

Play button is to plot trajectory of last completed trip.

No, there will be no change in the terms & conditions of On-road Support Service.

Yes, the Suzuki Connect call centre team will proactively call/notify the customer in case any issue affecting the car is detected by the ECU. This preventive call will help you to take timely action to minimise the damage.

Typical parameters like acceleration, speed, braking pattern, driving duration, etc. are taken into account while calculating the driving score and determining the driving style.

The parameters are applied in both the cases.

A user can consolidate a maximum of 10 consecutive trips at a given time.

Fuel efficiency is calculated based on the distance driven and the fuel consumed. It is similar to Fuel Efficiency Logic for Multi-Information Display (MID).

Through call & alerts (SMS/Email), both.

Emergency contacts will receive the vehicle details & GPS coordinates which will help them to track the car.

During a major accident/crash (if airbags are deployed), notifications (with vehicle coordinates) will be shared with the emergency contacts. This will help them track the car and take necessary action.

Customer can contact the call centre for help from our On-road Assist Team for Technician or Towing Support.

Our team will proactively call/notify the customer in case any issue affecting the car is detected by the ECU. Based on customer concurrence, our On-road Assist Team will contact them for Technician Support/Towing Support or request them to visit a nearby Authorised Service Centre.

This function lets you keep a track of your car’s location on a near real-time basis.

Now, your loved ones can track or follow your car’s precise movement for a specified trip or time when you share your car’s location with them. This also allows them to follow your car’s precise movement all the way to your destination at the touch of a button.

The trajectory on the map indicates the route taken by your car from the point you started your trip.

If the trip is switched ON, the following information will be displayed - A/C Switch ON Indication, Fuel Level (Petrol/Diesel/CNG) Average Percentage, Odometer Reading, Seat Belt Driver Status. If the trip is switched OFF, the following information will be displayed - Ignition Status, Fuel Level (Petrol/Diesel/CNG) Average Percentage, Odometer Reading, Battery Voltage (Battery Charging Status).

This feature provides navigation assistance to you in case you want to walk to your car's precise location. Once you tap on the Navigate to Car icon, you shall be provided a navigation route to your vehicle.

The feature allows you to create a virtual boundary around your preferred location & as soon as the car enters or exits this area, you will receive an alert.

Step 1: Tap on ‘Add Geo-Fence’ on the Geo-Fence landing screen to navigate to ‘Add Geo-Fence’ screen. Step 2: Enter Geo-Fence details: Geo-Fence Location in the address bar, Geo-Fence Name, Select Circular Geo-Fence Shape, Select Geo-Fence Radius from the sliding bar. Step 3: Click on ‘Submit’ button to save the changes.

It is a review of your recent trips for you to analyse your driving performance in greater detail.

The consolidated trip report will be saved in 'My Reports' section.

The ‘Manual Trip Start/End’ feature allows you to manually start or end a trip in case you want to view Driving Report for a trip that you are yet to take

Wear Seat Belt Alert is sent to customer when vehicle is being driven by driver without wearing seatbelt.

AC Idling Alert is sent to customer when vehicle AC is ON, despite being in idling state [vehicle speed zero]

‘Manage Alerts’ is an alert setting mechanism that allows you to Enable/Disable the alerts basis your preference. In case you enable an alert, you shall be able to select the alert mediums (App/SMS/Email) via which you would want to receive alert notifications.


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