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  • Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown

  • Pearl Midnight Black

  • Metallic Magma Gray

  • Metallic Premium Silver

  • Pearl Sangria Red

  • Pearl Snow White

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Note: The features and highlights listed above are available in only selective variants.

The Ciaz Colours

Maruti Nexa Ciaz ciaz-logo

Nexa Blue

NEXA’s signature shade, NEXA Blue stands for innovation that drives the quest to Create and Inspire and showcases the inquisitive nature of the Ciaz.


Metallic Magma Gray

Personifying tradition and maturity, the Metallic Magma Gray colours the Ciaz with dignity.


Metallic Premium Silver

The futuristic, prestigious, and elegant Metallic Premium Silver colour Ciaz is all about understated elegance.

Ciaz metallic brown colour ciaz-logo

Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown

The Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown Ciaz elicits the perfect air of down to earth honesty.

Ciaz Black logo ciaz-logo

Pearl Midnight Black

An image of timeless luxury and sophistication, the Pearl Midnight black colour of the Ciaz imbues power.


Pearl Sangria Red

Outgoing and fun, the Pearl Sangria Red redefines your zest and ambition for life.


Pearl Snow White

The elegant Pearl Snow White Ciaz underlines a fresh and dynamic outlook.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many colours are available in the Ciaz?

    NEXA Ciaz by Maruti Suzuki comes in 7 classy colours, namely Pearl Sangria Red, Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown, Pearl Midnight Black, Metallic Magma Grey, Metallic Premium Silver, Pearl Snow White, and NEXA Blue; the signature shade created only for NEXA cars.

  • Is the Ciaz available in black colour?
  • Is the Ciaz available in grey colour?
  • Is the Ciaz available in white colour?
  • Is the Ciaz available in blue colour?

Ciaz Colours

A premium luxury sedan that brings together indulgence and performance in equal measures, NEXA Ciaz comes equipped with the next generation Smart Hybrid technology. Engineered to offer you an incredible driving experience and elegance that will leave you mesmerised, the Ciaz inspires you to break free from the mundane. It is powered by the BS VI K15 (1.5L) petrol engine, comes with the security of the NEXA Safety Shield, and offers class-leading space, design, and sophistication. What makes the Ciaz stand a class apart is its colour variants that represent different shades of its elegant persona. All the colours of the Ciaz are specially curated to complement the head-turning looks of the car!

Take a closer look at the colours of the Ciaz by Maruti Suzuki, each of which has an expression of its own: -


The NEXA Blue colour for the Ciaz encapsulates what NEXA and the Ciaz stand for. The signature colour of the brand, NEXA Blue reiterates the innovative spirit of the car. A distinct hue like no other, the Ciaz in NEXA Blue comes alive and reiterates the philosophy of creating and inspiring new experiences every time you get behind the wheel. The hue offers a compassionate, optimistic, and serene outlook and adds to the strong sense of self that the Ciaz helps you create.

Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown

When it comes to the Ciaz, brown is not just a shade; it is a complex hue that is NEXA’s glamorous take on a neutral shade. The Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown colour of the Ciaz is a shade of honesty that brings forth the trust and reliability of the brand. More than simplicity, it signifies the quiet power and luxury that drips from the façade of the car.

Pearl Midnight Black

The Pearl Midnight Black colour in Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is in line with the suave luxury that this premium sedan offers. It adds a dignified and striking look to your car without being showy. A sense of mystery and a timeless appeal, the Ciaz in Pearl Midnight Black lets you create the story you wish to tell. Black is the ultimate colour of power, but it also elicits a certain sophistication that makes every drive quite the spectacle, inviting glances of admiration as the Ciaz drives by.

Metallic Magma Gray

With the new Ciaz, the colour gray reflects stability and reliability, two facets that perfectly complement the car’s luxurious exterior. With timeless sophistication and dignity, there is no denying that the Ciaz in Metallic Magma Gray is a colour that quietly states a strength of character and makes for a commanding presence on the roads.

Metallic Premium Silver

The Metallic Premium Silver colour in Ciaz by Maruti Suzuki makes for a distinguished look, an amazing sight for all those who experience the sheer magnanimity of the car. Poised and prestigious, the Metallic Premium Silver shade of the Ciaz underlines the grace of this premium sedan.

Pearl Sangria Red

The colour red has always been associated with passion and ambition and with the Ciaz, it is no different. The Pearl Sangria Red Ciaz creates a fiery glow of luxury with its sheer depth, the perfect choice to showcase the complexity of the sedan’s silhouette. The bold shade of Pearl Sangria Red is the best colour for Ciaz owners who seek inspiration to break free.

Pearl Snow White

Often underrated yet always admired, the white hue is all about amplifying the subtlety of the Ciaz. NEXA’s shade of Pearl Snow White lends the Ciaz an air of elegance and underlines NEXA’s constant endeavour for perfection. Like a picture of great prominence, Ciaz in the Pearl Snow White shade is quite the sight to behold.

At NEXA, we Create to Inspire. Come, be a part of our world.

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