Ciaz Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic vs 5-Speed Manual

The Ciaz is created and perfected to inspire elegance. Indulging on the inside and classy on the outside, the elegant sedan keeps you in a Good Space. The elegant sedan is designed to keep the eyes restless for another glance. The Ciaz is powered by a K15 (1.5L) Petrol Engine, with a choice of manual and automatic transmission. Each of the NEXA Ciaz variants—the manual and automatic transmission, are designed to suit different driving styles. A parallel, however, is drawn by the splendid driving experience that they both offer.

The latest addition to the wide range of Ciaz cars, is the sporty "Ciaz S." This sporty sedan has been designed for your work-play balance allowing you to switch from work mode to play mode in no time. Ciaz S is available in Manual Transmission.

There's a constant debate in the automobile market between Automatic and Manual Transmission variants of the premium sedan. And rightly so, because both the automatic and manual transmission variants offer an outstanding performance. So, let's bring the Ciaz Manual v/s Automatic war to rest for once and for all:

Power and Speed

The Ciaz offers an outstanding mileage of 20.65 km/l for Manual Transmission and 20.04km/l for Automatic Transmission. The car also offers a max Power output of ‎77kW@6000rpm. So, rest assured you will never run out of power, even on those long rides.

Both the Ciaz manual gearbox and the clutch are extremely light. At low speeds, however, the Automatic Transmission is incredibly smooth and responds with the slightest throttle inputs. Therefore, thanks to the automatic transmission variant, crawling in slow traffic is a child’s play.

Overall Performance for AT

With this new 1.5L engine, the mid-range and flat-out performance is improved too. The Ciaz 4-speed automatic gearbox has a '2' and 'L' button on the gear-lever for the ease of driving. It is used to lock it at lower gears for max thrust and there is a button to lock it at a higher gear as well. The Ciaz petrol automatic is a superb cruiser overall and sits well at high speeds. The Ciaz automatic variant is also more refined. To add to the performance and overall driving experience, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz also added a hill-hold function. It holds the brake until the clutch is at the friction point, making it easier to start uphill from a stop in manual and automatic transmission automobiles.


Mileage is an integral part of the appeal of any Maruti Suzuki car. And here too, both the Ciaz automatic and manual variants don't fail to impress. The new petrol engine has Smart Hybrid Technology with a dual battery system with start/stop function, brake regeneration and torque assist function that results in much better mileage. The Ciaz automatic garnered positive reviews and hence they give you just the assurance you need.

The Drive

In terms of ride and handling, both the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Automatic & Manual have the poise and required polish of an upper midsize sedan. They cruise well, are fairly silent and ride with only a slight firm edge. The superb ground clearance of the sedan allows for a smooth drive dodging all bumps that come your way. As for the other changes, the new grille and the shiny new chrome is tailored to make the interior look more plush. The rear-seat comfort remains the best in class.

So, we can conclude that both Manual and Automatic Transmission type Ciaz offer different ways for you to be in a good space. Be it the Ciaz petrol automatic transmission or the Ciaz manual transmission variant, these are sure to provide a power-packed and smooth drive.


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