KidZania is a place where learning and fun are not separate. As the world moves towards Experiential Learning, KidZania leads the way with its immersive and entertaining role-play activities for kids. This innovative approach of engaging with children and exploring their gifts and talents resonated with NEXA. Our philosophy, of giving wings to the talents which yield creations that inspire, led to this partnership with KidZania.

Here children can put themselves into the shoes of a NEXA relationship manager, learn driving, and even earn a Kid’s Driving License. This experience set the kids in the direction of an inspiring journey, where they aim to have a NEXA car of their own someday and be the creators who inspire our tomorrow. Watch the action unfold here:

The kids had a host of options and opportunities to explore their talents and expand their horizon. They bloomed and blossomed into roles that you could never imagine them in. They learned through this unique experience and had a lot to say about it. Hear what they had to say here.

The most wonder-struck were the parents. A few of them shared what they felt about this NEXA experience at Kidzania and this is what they have to say.


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