Live the Highway Dream – Season 2

It is often said, travelling is as much about savouring the journey as it is about experiencing the destination. India is in itself the perfect journey and the destination, it's the land where every mile boasts of history and every corner recites a new story. After the immense success of NEXA Journeys presents Luxe Pins, an intimate and luxurious journey curated for the discerning traveller; we bring to you another adventure on wheels, NEXA Journeys presents Highway Dreams, a new chapter that explores the unexplored and aims to discover the Southern State of Tamil Nadu in The New Age Baleno.

The explorative journey is hosted by renowned food traveller, show host and singer, Rakesh Raghunathan. The first stop, Kodaikanal, offered us a magical exploration of organic honey and avocado plantation butter fruit, which is also known as wild fruit. This was followed by an exciting drive to the popular tourist destination, Pondicherry, known for its French colonial ambiance, where we visit the spectacular Red Earth Riding School.

Making our way down the southern coast of India, we drive our way to Chennai, where we interact with John Thanckachan, and learn about sound frequency and live sound at Kokkommo.

The next adventure takes us to the “Manchester of South India”- Coimbatore, where we visit the world of racing at Kari Motor Speedway. In a fun conversation with Racer Diljit, we learn the relationship Coimbatore holds with the automobile industry. Moving on, we experience some immaculate vintage vibes at the GeDee execution car museum.

Sharing his thoughts on the one-of-a-kind lifestyle series, Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales) – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd said, “A true work of art inspired by the future, new NEXA Baleno is the perfect fit for experiencing India through its Highways. The NEXA Baleno was envisioned with the idea of long drives as well as efficient city use to offer unmatched driving experience and UNLIMITing life. With a design language exclusively crafted to offer an Enhanced Liquid Flow Design, refined performance, impressive fuel efficiency, an array of new-age technologies and several safety features, viewers can expect to get the true taste of the premium hatchback as they watch on to see the car takeover the roads and present the modern-day Tamil Nadu.”

The unforgettable journey of the unexplored is premiered on Zee Zest and Zee Zest HD.

At NEXA, we always strive to bring our consumers new experiences that inspire them, stay tuned for upcoming seasons that are sure to leave you asking for more.


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