5 Reasons To Take The Ignis Experience

Be it design or performance, the Ignis is a trendsetter at every turn. It is peppy in its drive and a real head turner with its stylish design, spacious interior and cutting-edge technology. With a range of variants, colours and customisations to choose from, it is the perfect car to drive in the city, and very easy to park and manoeuvre. What’s more, when it comes to the Ignis car price it gives you value for money as it is fuel-efficient and loaded with features. Look no further, here’s everything you need to know about the NEXA Ignis:


Be it broken roads or tight corners, the Ignis ground clearance can get you through all of it with ease. Add to it the small turning radius that the Ignis features and you have a car that is extremely easy to manoeuvre. Every Ignis review categorically applauds the premium car for how easily it can park and drive, which makes it a dream to drive on urban roads and through traffic.

Auto Gear Shift

No matter what you can or cannot control, the Ignis Automatic gives you more control over every drive. Be it the rush hour traffic or narrow lanes, the Auto Gear Shift ensures that every drive you take is an easy, peppy and a hassle-free experience. Every road feels smoother and every journey more comfortable, so that you’ll want to be out there driving as often as you can. The many innovative features of the Ignis, like the Push Start/ Stop button and Tilt Steering, further enhance your experience and the fun of discovering new places.

Ignis Auto Gear Shift

Size Matters

It is urban. It is contemporary. It is sure to grab eyeballs wherever you go.The iconic styling and high stance of the Ignis make it stand out and set you apart in a class of your own. Its compact size ensures you can park the Ignis conveniently anywhere with utmost ease and manoeuvre through even the heaviest of traffic jams. The Ignis dimensions make it easy to drive through even the smallest lanes, while giving great view accessibility and driving comfort. Be it size, performance or comfort, the Ignis has been created for those who seek captivating experiences.

Compact Outside, Spacious Inside

They say good things come in small packages. With the Ignis car interior, what’s inside the package will surprise you. It is more spaciousthan you would imagine and has a contemporary design that compliments your peppy driving style. The high stance of the Ignis gives ample head room and leg room for everyone in the vehicle, so you have enough space when you’re headbanging to your favourite music. Since the roof isn’t slanting towards the back, the Ignis gives utmost comfort even in the rear of the vehicle. With its floating dashboard, a 60:40 Split Rear Seat, and thoughtfully designed utility spaces, the Ignis allows you to take your world along wherever you go. The cutting edge SmartPlay Infotainment System ensures you can play music, navigate, and stay connected anywhere you go. All these Ignis car interior features combine to make you more excited about every drive you take.

Loved By All

Hard to miss, easy to fall in love with. The Ignis has got positive reviews from almost everyone who has taken a test drive of the peppy hatchback. The high Ignis ground clearance and wide array of innovative features that it offers prove it is the perfect urban drive. Available in both Automatic and Manual variants, the 1.2L VVT Ignis engine generates enough power and torque to go as far as your imagination takes you. The Push Start/ Stop Button adds to the overall convenience and driveability, and the small turning radius lets you park anywhere with utmost ease. The Ignis is extremely easy to navigate in urban driving conditions, which means you experience driving comfort like never before. Features like Tilt Steering, Auto AC and the SmartPlay Infotainment System personify the edgy new urban driver in you.

Ignis Loved By All

Therefore, the Ignis is perfect for all your urban driving needs. With multiple awards to its name, including Hatchback of the Year, the Ignis is always on its way to seek the new. Have you experienced it yet? To know more about the Ignis car price or to book a test drive, visit nexaexperience or walk into a NEXA showroom near you today.


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