6 Picturesque Locations Where Nature Seems To Be Posing Just For You

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From the stunning pattern of a canopy of trees to the gorgeous beaches that offer you unforgettable sunsets, nature never fails to inspire.

When you’re into photography, you understand how nature is the best inspiration one could ask for. Once you start noticing the nuances, you’ll see how it offers you a million opportunities to expand your own creative vision.

Nature’s out there, posing for everyone but waiting, only for you. So, pick your camera up and get a move on to present nature through your own lens and vision!


Majuli, Assam

Majuli image Assam

A stunning shot of a Grey-winged Blackbird taken at Pangot

What if we told you there was a place where you could experience the culture and hospitality of Assam while being in the middle of nowhere? What if the place we’re talking about also happens to be a stunning river island in the Brahmaputra river? Yes, it’s Majuli we’re hinting at!

Travel to Majuli for a weekend getaway and point in any direction, voila, you have a moment you can capture. Experiment with landscape mode or dabble in some portraits to paint a picture of Assam’s culture.

Hire a private boat and cruise down the river at dawn to catch the growing light of the sunrise on the river in contrast to the lush green landscape to capture some truly breathtaking pictures.

Cabo de Rama image Goa

Cabo de Rama, Goa


Do you ever wonder how the island in Robinson Crusoe would’ve looked like? Visit Cabo de Rama, an offbeat destination in Canacona, Goa and give your imagination a reference point. Discover the joy of being in your own personal paradise as Cabo de Rama is rarely crowded.

South Goa coastline image

Trek up to the cliff to find an astonishing view of the South Goa coastline. Time your visit around sunrise or sunset and maybe try your luck at creating a time-lapse of the ethereal coastline. The real success of the image will be when the rocks, trees and boats (if any) are illuminated, as they're all great subjects for the dramatic and beautiful sunrise and sunset shots.


Kutch, Gujarat


Kutch, Gujarat

Test your photography skills at the famous Rann of Kutch in Gujarat and you won’t be disappointed. Situated in the Thar desert, it is a salt marsh that turns into a wetland in rainy season but becomes dry at other times of the year.

It is here where just before the monsoon rains you can experience something totally out of this world. The shallow water dries up and the salt left behind in salt flats turns snow white. Paint a picture with a long exposure shot and make the place come alive through your skills.

Imagine getting a shot of the setting sun against the backdrop of endless snowy salt, turning orangish-pink in the dusk! Now, that’s a picture worth getting framed!


Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Araku Valley banner

They say when you look deep into nature you understand it better, but to capture its beauty through photography is the best way to understand it. Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh will help you do that perfectly.

So take a trip to the offbeat Araku Valley and see how you could use a tree, valley or even the grass to give your image more depth and multiple layers.

The pictures you’ve clicked will not only leave you awestruck but also make you fall in love with the greenery around you!


 Galikonda View Point

You can also head to Galikonda View Point as it looks like a scene right out of a Van Gogh painting. Capture the still-life and make it come alive through the power of your photography. Click over a hundred pictures of mountains, bushes and fields, and see each picture depict a different story.


Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra


If you’re someone who likes to experiment with colours, what better place than a plateau known for its vibrant hues and the vast variety of flowers it houses. At Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra, you’ll never run out of options! It’s only a 3-hour drive from Pune, apt for weekend getaways.

Capture the kaleidoscopic vistas, thanks to the carpets of purple and pink flowers that adorn the Kaas Plateau and turn up the contrast to give an air of surrealism to your pictures. Set your image apart with careful composition so it doesn’t turn out to be just another flower shot.


Kaas Plateau banner

To enhance your shot even more and avoid any conflict of colours, choose between your subject, background and foreground. Those likes and hearts will come easy when you post your pictures now. Just don’t forget to thank nature for being effortlessly beautiful.

Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

What if you’re in a place so beautiful, so offbeat that you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not in a dream? That’s Munsiyari for you! Nestled in the scenic state of Uttarakhand, it will teleport you to a whole different plane of existence with the sheer unspoilt beauty of nature.

At the base of the great Himalayan range, take one of the treks and enjoy the stunning views. Catch the golden hue of the Panchachuli Peaks at sunset or capture the shimmering snow on the Hansling Peaks, let nature take over and inspire you in your artistic journey.

Pack your cameras and follow the path to nature because beauty lies in the lens of the photographer. Shoot a late night time-lapse to see the carpet of stars over the mountains shuffle to create unreal art. Let NEXA and nature inspire you to bring out the photographer in you and take your photography to the next level!

But before that, have a look at this ode to the free bird and get inspired.


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