The New Age Baleno Bags GOLD at the e4m Real-Time Programmatic Advertising Awards

The modern consumer expects much more from not only brands but even from the ads they come across. As ad spends and competition is on the rise in every sector, advertisers today are looking for newer ways to gain more traction whether it is the digital marketplace or offline ads. With the online audience becoming better informed and aware, personalisation is the key that can drive performance and better outcomes.

Take the New Age Baleno, for instance. With several first-in-segment features, the call of the hour was a campaign that engages the audience. It was about building a persona which makes them stand up and notice the product, underline how slick it is, and create an aspiration to own one. At the same time, it needed to be innovative and hyper-relevant and personalised to make a mark in today’s world. How was it done? More on that in ‘The Campaign’ section.

The Campaign

The answer lay in real-time digital hoarding which took shape in the form of a responsive billboard. It factored in real-time data to display the most relevant creative at regular intervals. The billboard was fitted with sensors that detected the shift in weather, traffic conditions, temperature, and time, relaying the information through the dynamic medium. This data was then used to advertise the advanced and new-age features of the car. For example, if there’s heavy traffic, the billboard displayed information about the 360 View Camera or AGS technology, if the temperature is high, the billboard showcased features like the UV-cut glass or rear AC vent features of the New Age Baleno. 

A combination of technology, creativity, media, and real-time updating capability made the billboard a unique method of advertising that managed to cut through the clutter. The real time data proved to be a powerful medium to improve street-level engagement, thereby providing a visual sensorial experience just like the Baleno, while also introducing its intelligent and category-first features.

The campaign emphasised the fact that no matter what time, weather, or traffic conditions one face, the new-age Baleno has features that are relevant for you in real-time and garnered more than 1,50,000 impressions in a week’s time!

The e4m Real Time Programmatic Advertising Awards

One of the most popular ways of serving ads, programmatic advertising is an algorithm-based technology that helps enhance the reach, targeting, and real-time optimisation. It offers advertisers advanced capabilities as well as a chance to stand out. 

Exchange4media’s Real Time Programmatic Advertising Awards are organised annually to honour those who have managed to infuse creativity into every day, to come up with the perfect programmatic strategies and managed to reach the right audience at the right time with the right display. These awards, however, are not limited to the digital space but encompass all venues of advertising, looking for innovative concepts that deliver.

What Counts Most?

The winners of the e4m Real Time Programmatic Advertising Awards are selected by a jury, scored on 5 basic parameters:

  • Strategy (20%): Every element of the campaign should have a focused approach toward the overall purpose and the strategic objective of the campaign should be clear.

  • Execution & Media Results (20%): This is about how the strategy aligns with the results of the campaign and whether there was an effective use of resources, technology, and implementation. This will consider how the execution helped achieve results and the level of success reached.

  • Creativity (20%): The content, design, elements like video, animation, etc, everything is taken into consideration.

  • Innovation (20%): This is about the technological innovation used, the uniqueness of the basic idea of the campaign, and the special elements used, like video, writing, music, etc., that help in communicating the innovative brand message.

  • Results (20%): The final criteria - if the defined goals were attained, if the target audience was reached, etc.

The Result

NEXA Baleno’s latest ad campaign bagged GOLD in the ‘Best Programmatic Out-of-Home Activation’ category in the e4m Real Time Programmatic Advertising Awards for its real-time digital hoarding that worked based on real-time data.

The Thought That Drove the Baleno’s New Age Tech-Enabled Campaign

The New-Age Baleno is the first car to showcase NEXA’s Crafted Futurism design language. The Baleno is not just equipped with advanced technology and features but curates a bold and tech-driven experience. Offering a sensorial driving experience with an immersive theatre-like infotainment system, the premium hatchback more than meets the eye and expectations. It isn’t just about added convenience or power; the Baleno promises to elevate the senses and symbolises the aspirational lifestyle. That is why it needed an equally ambitious and aspirational campaign that could communicate the same to the audience.

While personalisation and programmatic targeting is the key, innovation and creativity cannot be forgotten if advertisers want their campaigns to stand out. This was well taken care of in this campaign.


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