A Saga of Finer Experiences- NEXA Journeys

NEXA believes in creating. NEXA believes in Inspiring. But above all, NEXA believes in never stopping to innovate and creating new experiences. It embraces the true spirit of creators that inspires them to experiment, explore and influence.

And, in our bid to introduce such experiences and motivate one another, we keep on seeking the new, the unexplored and the unconventional. So, we introduced three pillars to create premium and exclusive experiences for our customers.

Creation of new Lifestyle experiences.

Creation of new Music.

Creation of exclusive Journeys.

Our aim with NEXA journeys is to form a differentiated drive experience. One that takes you on a unique journey every time to places that make you indulge with exclusivity. And for this, we collaborated with Zee Network to launch our own show on Zee Zest, called Luxe Pins.

So, get ready as we take you on a travel experience to seek exclusive destinations and unexplored experiences.

Our journey started with our host Karan Tacker at the Feny Tasting and dining experience in Goa, a well-kept secret by the Feni Man himself, Mr. Hansel Vaz. With their feet dipped in water, Karan and Hansel started the exclusive Feni tasting.

The next travel experience was shot at the luxurious heritage hotel of Fort Tiracol. Located on a cliff with a kaleidoscopic view of the Arabian Sea, the hotel once was an armed fortress belonging to the Portuguese.

After our expedition to the land of Goa, we took our journey to the incredible land of Bangalore. As a part of the exclusive experience, we started with the rustic yet beautiful expanse of the Ranch at The Big Banyan.

Our next location was Rishikesh where the host drove around the city in the indulgent XL6 enjoying the views and peace of the land.

The unique experience that awaited us was at Nature’s Vault for a luxurious glamping night under the stars. After that, it was time for our host, Karan Tacker to revive and relax at Ananda Spa.

In the next city, Mumbai our host Karan Tacker stayed at the luxurious property of Machan followed by a visit to the Masque, for an exclusive gourmet meal that consisted of Indian food reimagined in a unique way.

Our search for authentic travel experiences then took us to Nasik, straight to the Sula Vineyards where Karan witnessed an exclusive all-access tour of the winery followed by a wine tasting session.

Up next on our expedition was the ABC Farms in Pune, owned and managed by Sohrab Chinoy and his wife Marlene. Karan thoroughly enjoyed the elaborate cheese tasting experience as well as the authentic process of making artisanal cheese. 

Onto our next adventure in Jaipur, a land of rich culture, tradition and heritage. Standing true to what it's famous for, NEXA Journeys takes you to an exclusive private Polo match for a fun activity where Karan Tacker competed in a splendid match and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

And then we finally arrived at the last city of this season, Jodhpur where Karan experienced luxury in a heritage form at Mihirgarh and the day ended with a horseback ride to a royal picnic. The second destination was the Osian Desert Camp which was all about unwinding with delightful music and dance.

We continue to strive to provide you with premium experiences like these that stem from NEXA’s core philosophy. Stay tuned for the upcoming seasons for a taste of luxury and exclusivity at its best.


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