Undertaking A Journey: What Kind of Traveller Are You?

Decoding the Urban Indian Traveller isn’t easy. Some like to travel solo while some prefer to travel only for events. Some are after a thrilling experience while some just want a place to relax. NEXA understands these different, varied and luxurious lifestyle choices of the Urban India. Let’s see who these inspiring travelers are:


The most popular kind of travel journey has to be a solo trip. Travelling solo is part of all of our bucket lists. Solo Travellers find themselves by getting lost into the wilderness and when it comes to company, they enjoy their own the most. Undertaking a solo journey is really riveting, so pack your bags and start your own solo trip, for it may bring peace that you have not known before.

Places: Kasol- Himachal Pradesh, Gokarna - Karnataka, Dawki - Meghalaya


The Explorado are the ones who travel to discover the unknown. As mystical as that sounds, it’s true. They put in extra effort to discover travel destinations on land, sea or air where no man has ever stepped foot or gone before. You’ll always find them on a road less taken. If your spirit desires the unknown, then this is the best time to travel to discover such destinations.

Places: The Darma Valley - Uttarakhand, Ram Setu Point-Dhanushkodi, Phugtal Monastery- Ladakh.


The Thrill-Seekers, the name says it all. They love to go on adventure journeys to places that will give them a rush of adrenaline. Be it thousands of feet high in the air or miles below the ocean, they never stop seeking thrill. Does thrill call out to you as well?

Experiences: Para Gliding- Bir Billing, Exploring the Garden of Caves - Meghalaya, Kayaking- Rishikesh, Trip to the Base Camp- Mt. Everest.


Music is food for the soul. We have heard this a lot but Music Roadies live this on every trip they take. Their love and passion for music and traveling takes them all over the world to these breathtaking music events which some of us can only dream of going. In search of thumping beats, they travel to groovy retreats. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that wherever they decide to go, music notes guide their feet.

Events: The Music Festival- Ibiza, The Ultra Music Festival- Santiago De Chile, Tomorrowland- Belgium.


The Fashion Voyager is on a journey. Their zest to find the newest trends takes them to all the fashion capitals in different countries. They are the go-to person when it comes to knowing the best and the most luxurious shopping places around the globe. Aboard the voyage of fashion, they travel the world with passion. Be it a retro trends returning or something entirely new, their heart beats for the latest couture.

Places: Rue De Rivoli-Paris, Oxford Street-London, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele- Milan.

NEXA is dedicated to the Urban Indian’s lifestyle choices. Be it travelling to a picturesque destination or purchasing a car to travel in, we understand their every need. Have a look at all the premium NEXA cars here: www.nexaexperience.com and make NEXA your inspiring partner in this Journey.


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