It has often been said that a man with style is a man with a sense of self. Invariably, this makes dapper dressing an excellent medium to make a lasting impression.

When it comes to the world of grooming and sartorial dominion, scores of men have learned the art of wearing a suit. How and when to wear slacks or dress pants, when to wear a tuxedo and what makes it special, how to match one's tie or shoes—these are things many men know. But when it comes to cufflinks, now that's a skill for a rare gentleman. However, there is no need to fear, we'll give you everything you need to know so you can carry off cufflinks.

You may believe that cufflinks are traditionally associated with men's semi-formal evening wear, but that's actually not true. These versatile little fasteners can be worn with any outfit, and do a lot more than keep your cuffs together—the right kind of cufflinks will elevate your look to a whole other level.

With A Black Tie Outfit:

When wearing black tie or a tuxedo, go for a pair of classic, silver cufflinks. If you'd like to pick one with some intricate detail, you may do so. Pair silver cufflinks with a silver belt buckle, and if you wear a watch, one with a silver strap. Keep your whole outfit classic at formal events, especially black tie.

With A Dress Shirt:

When wearing a black dress shirt, mother of pearl cufflinks are absolutely perfect. But if you'd like something else, silver and gold cufflinks will also do the trick.

When it comes to shirts with colour, like a blue, purple, red, or even gray -wear tonal cufflinks. If your shirt is in a lighter shade, wear cufflinks in a darker shade of the same colour, and vice versa. As with black tie, pair your cufflinks with your accessories and match your metals.

If your dress shirt is white, you can wear cufflinks in pretty much any shade or metal. Experiment with different colours, types, and patterns to see what you like. However, if you're unsure or going to a formal setting, stick with silver cufflinks.

With A Patterned Shirt:

If you're wearing a patterned shirt or a tie, find the secondary color in your shirt or tie pattern and match your cufflinks to that. The secondary color should become the dominant color in your cufflinks and all the other accessories you wear, so that it ties your entire look together. You can experiment with different kinds of metals, materials, patterns just ensure that they are repeated in the entire ensemble, so that your outfit does not look disjointed.

Now that you've mastered the guide to wearing cufflinks, let NEXA lifestyle be all the inspiration you need to redefine your style and uncover the discerning gentleman within you.


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