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Journey to 1 Million Inspired Customers

In the four years since its inception, NEXA has set a new standard for automotive experiences. What started as a dream to create new experiences for car buyers has now grown into India’s 3rd largest automobile retail channel.Today, we are proud to announce that we have sold over 1 Million NEXA cars, a major milestone that is a testament to India’s love for the exclusive customer journeys we offer.

Going beyond premium automobiles, NEXA is also about innovations, experiences, and a lifestyle that aims towards seeking the new. Watch the video below for all the highlights of NEXA’s four year journey that today is beyond the 1 Million car mark.

As NEXA crossed its greatest milestone yet, acclaimed actor Ranveer Singh was among the first to recognise the accomplishment. Here’s what he had to say:

Want to be a part of the NEXA family? Visit www.nexaexperience.com

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