In 2019, the motto all stylish men and women have to live by are to be the best version of yourself, and the best way to do this is to show how seriously you take yourself. Good grooming is the hallmark of a mature man, and a well-tailored suit can truly take you places.

However, when it comes to men’s accessories, pocket squares are severely underrated. A pocket square can add so much to a man who takes his grooming seriously. Adding a pop of colour and tying an entire look together, that’s something a pocket square does. Read on, and we’ll tell you how and when to wear a pocket square, so you have all the basics down.

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The first question you’ll need answered is, “When should one wear a pocket square?” Well, the answer to that one is simple--whenever you have a chest pocket! The next question you’ll need the answer to is, “What kind of a pocket square works for different occasions?” This one is trickier, but really not that difficult to figure out.

At The Workplace

When you’re at your workplace, wear a pocket square that will match the mood and environment at your office. If you work in the arts or entertainment industry, you can easily get away with a more flamboyant and colourful pocket square. However, if you’re in a more corporate environment, then stick to a neat, classic look--wear a pressed cotton pocket square in a solid colour that extends no more than half an inch above your chest pocket. You can wear a silk pocket square as well, but make sure it’s not in a very distracting shade.

If you’re wearing a linen or cotton suit, your pocket square should be in the same fabric. Because linen and cotton suits are more casual, a silk pocket square will look too jarring against it. When it comes to what fold would be most appropriate, go with a Presidential fold, though in a slightly more relaxed workplace, you can try a two-tips fold as well.

At A Formal Event

When you’re at a formal event, match your pocket square colour to your shirt. If you’re wearing a shirt that’s in a solid colour, do the same for your pocket square as well. This call back to the colour will help to tie your entire look together, making it look like a complete ensemble. If you’re wearing a lighter coloured shirt with a dark-coloured suit or tuxedo, the darker colour just peeking out above your chest pocket will frame the entire look. Use a two-tip fold at a formal event, because the Presidential fold will just end up looking too business-like.

At A Casual, Fun Party Or Event

When you’re going out, you can really experiment with your look. Decide on what the primary colour in your ensemble is going to be and then make sure you have that colour in different pops in your outfit. Find a pocket square in a solid colour, or a different texture, and go all out with prints and patterns--the world is your oyster here! And because it’s a more easy-going event, you can experiment with folds here as well. Just remember, iron your pocket square; no one likes to see a crumpled piece of fabric. And as for the fold, you should go for a one peak fold; and if your personality’s more laid back and easy going, you could even try a puff fold.

The basic guidelines for wearing a pocket square are simple: the more formal your event is, the more formal your pocket square should be. Now that you’ve acquired the art of donning pocket squares, let NEXA lifestyle guide you towards the most stylish version that you can be.


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