Benefits of Suzuki Connect

What Suzuki Connect means for you

Advanced connected car technology provides solutions to everyday issues, to make your ownership experience stress-free

How important is your peace of mind?

Likely, very important, and more so when it comes to your car, your single biggest purchase after your home. No one likes that sinking feeling that comes with realising that your car has been stolen. Or the feeling of helplessness when you can’t get in contact with a loved one who is on the road. Even the stress of not being able to find it in a crowded parking lot is something everybody would much rather avoid.
We would too.

We, at NEXA, understand the pressures that come with car ownership, and that’s why we developed Suzuki Connect, an advanced telematics technology which solves these issues, and helps prevent them from becoming an issue in the first place.

How does it work?

The Suzuki Connect device is an embedded Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and GPS receiver, which can communicate back to you via onboard network connectivity. We developed it in India to solve the varied issues of car ownership, as related to us by real owners across the country. It provides near real-time information about the vehicle’s location, driving diagnostics and performance. All this is available to you, via the Suzuki Connect app, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

How Suzuki Connect can help you

Track your car, anytime and anywhere:

Live tracking – Onboard GPS and transmitter gives you access to your car’s location, right on your phone. Simply login to the Suzuki Connect app on your phone, and if your car goes missing, you know how to find it now.

Geofence – Get notified if your car leaves a predetermined area set by you. Perfect for making sure there are no unwanted detours if someone else is at the wheel.

Location sharing – Real-time and automatic location updates can be sent to any desired contact from the Suzuki Connect device installed in the car, to ease anxiety when driving at night, or down unfamiliar roads.

Navigate to parked car – Get accurate directions down to the metre, so that you never feel helpless if you forget where you parked your pride and joy.

Tow away alert – If the car is moved without you in it, you’ll get a notification immediately. While we don’t advocate parking in the wrong place, mistakes do happen and this alert could help save you the hassle.

Get help always, when you need it most:

Emergency alert – Emergency assistance is less than a call away, since your Suzuki Connect car will call for help and provide your exact location by itself, if it detects that the airbags have been deployed.

Instant assistance – Direct, and instant, line to 24x7 roadside assistance, all through a single touch on your Smartphone screen through the app. Alternatively, you can also dial the Suzuki Connect Customer Care number and request for assistance.

Technical support – With Suzuki Connect, your car can now inform us directly if something isn’t working exactly as it should, so that we can diagnose and assist you proactively even before it becomes a problem.

Keep tabs on how it’s driven:

Low fuel alert – Receive alerts on your phone when your car’s fuel level gets too low, to make sure you’re never left stranded on the long way back home.

Over-speeding alert – If your car is being driven irresponsibly, either over the speed limit, or a limit defined by you, when you’re not behind the wheel, you’ll know through the Suzuki Connect app.

Vehicle details – Especially useful for chauffeur-driven cars, where you can keep track of usage of air-conditioning, seat belt status and the kilometre reading.

Improve your driving:

Driving behaviour score – Tough to defend your driving when every trip you make is rated on the basis of acceleration, speeding, braking and more. Especially when someone else scores higher.

Fuel efficiency – Suzuki Connect provides detailed efficiency figures over time, all in one place, to make comparative analysis easier.

Trip consolidation – It also combines the above two functions, for up to 10 trips to help gain deeper insight into your daily driving cycle.

Suzuki Connect adds value

Once you’re used to the benefits of using Suzuki Connect, you’ll wonder how you ever owned cars without it! The less you have to worry about your car ownership experience, the more valuable it becomes. Suzuki Connect is available for all NEXA cars - Baleno, Ciaz, Ignis, S-Cross, and XL6. You can get the Suzuki Connect device installed in your car at your nearest NEXA dealership or Maruti Suzuki showroom.

Suzuki Connect is truly the future of automotive technology, and it’s available for you to experience in your next NEXA vehicle.


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