In 2015, the launch of NEXA set a new benchmark for premium automotive experiences. NEXA’s philosophy to create and inspire was designed to go beyond your everyday retail experience, with the focus being on seeking out the new. In the short span of 4 years, it has over 350 state-of-the-art showrooms and 125 service centres providing a premium experience for everyone who enters the world of NEXA.

NEXA offers a high level of sophistication and is based on the principles of exclusivity, pampering, and listening to the customer. It was created for a well travelled consumer who is digitally savvy, updated, and seeks a world class experience while buying a car. To symbolise the NEXA spirit, NEXA created a colour that embodies what it believes in. This colour is the signature NEXA Blue that stands for the brand’s innovative spirit. The Sound of NEXA Blue is the first of its kind, a uniquely created melody by synesthetic musicians, who saw the NEXA Blue colour flash before their eyes every time they struck a particular note.

Innovation at NEXA goes beyond automotive excellence. NEXA has been collaborating with prominent artists across industries, through its association with the Lakme Fashion Week and IIFA Awards, thereby extending NEXA’s creative lifestyle experience to a global audience. Additionally, NEXA created NEXA Music to give you a global Indian-origin musical experience. NEXA Music is a unique platform to celebrate and create new original English compositions of international standard by emerging Indian artists led by top artists of the industry like AR Rahman and Clinton Cerejo. Top artists of the Indian music industry are associated with NEXA Music, reinforcing it as the platform for self-expression and authenticity.

2019 marks 4 years of NEXA, a major milestone en route which NEXA has positioned itself as the 3rd largest automobile brand in India. Every NEXA vehicle is at the heart of the NEXA journey and inspires customers to seek out new experiences. As we move towards greater heights and new milestones, NEXA continues to create and inspire the seekers of the new.


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