NEXA Baleno – Bolder Hues for Bolder Moves

The New Baleno is all about bolder moves. It has a bold design that’s effortlessly smooth, a bold stance that turns heads, a bold grille that underlines panache, and bold diamond-cut alloy wheels that look distinctive.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Colours

The New Baleno also comes with progressive next-gen Smart hybrid Technology and an advanced automatic transmission (CVT) to ensure that your driving experience is not just comfortable but automatically bold. The interiors of the New Baleno showcase a thoughtful design philosophy, while a top-of-the-range Multi-Information Display helps you keep track of all the vital information. Then there’s the Smartplay Studio that lets you navigate, play music, and stay connected when you are on the move.

The New Baleno is truly an embodiment of everything bold!

The Bold Colours of Baleno


Maruti Suzuki Baleno Ray Blue Colour

Since the colour Blue has always been believed to have driven revolution in different fields, the search to inspire led NEXA to their signature shade, which has now become the colour of innovation that drives the brand forward. The Baleno, in the NEXA Blue shade, is a sight to behold!

Metallic Magma Gray

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Granite Grey Colour

Metallic Magma Gray reflects stability and reliability and when showcased with the Baleno’s bold new avatar, it tends to reflect a quiet strength of character; the Metallic Magma Gray Baleno commands quite a presence, that too without asking for it.

Metallic Premium Silver

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Silver Colour

A distinguished view of the Baleno in Metallic Premium Silver can leave any onlooker awed by the sheer magnanimity the sight bestows. The Metallic Premium Silver shade adds an aura of sophistication to the Baleno’s bold stance.

Pearl Phoenix Red

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Red Colour

Always associated with passion and ambition, the Pearl Phoenix Red Baleno demands attention as passers-by can’t help but look back to ponder at the complexities in its smooth design. The red colour on the Baleno also exhibits a fiery glow that epitomizes its bold stature.

Pearl Arctic White

Maruti Suzuki Baleno White Colour

Among the most majestic colours for Baleno, the Pearl Arctic White conveys a subtle grace that beautifully complements the bold exteriors of the premium hatchback in its latest avatar. Believing in always seeking the ‘new’ and never halting the progress towards innovation is what emphasizes NEXA’s philosophy, “Create. Inspire.” NEXA creates to inspire, a conviction that is announced with a flourish in everything that comes under the NEXA name. Each colour of the Baleno, especially the signature shade of NEXA Blue, signifies the thought and innovation that marks every story of #BolderMoves.

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