The New Ciaz: Elegant Power

Do elegance and power mean the same thing? They do now.

Maruti Suzuki has launched the new DDiS 225 (1.5L) Diesel Engine for the New Ciaz, for an enhanced driving experience. With the existing K15 (1.5L) Petrol Engine, the powerful new Diesel Engine ensures the premium sedan flawlessly complies with your unique driving style. Combined with its inherent elegance and advanced technology, the New Ciaz is now more powerful than ever before.

Since its inception, the New Ciaz has been the epitome of magnificence with its spacious cabin, stunning design, and advanced technology. Now, with the addition of the powerful 1.5L engines, it perfectly combines elegance and powerful performance.

The secret of the powerful New Ciaz is out. Watch the video to find out.


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