An Easy Guide to Get Your Car Financed

Owning a car is a joyous occasion that has now become extremely simple with car loans being readily available. However, modern car buyers are demanding and well-informed at the same time. They expect transparency of terms and fine print, flexibility of customized finance solutions and above all, convenience. That is why car finance is gradually transitioning to cater to the discerning online buyer of today.

With that said, since the online car finance process involves personal details; many are hesitant about opting for it. This is where Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance changes it all, bringing in the trust, convenience and transparency that customers seek. It is an end-to-end digital financing platform that takes care of all your new car finance needs, from finding the right finance partner to choosing the best loan offer, completing the paperwork formalities and finally the safe disbursal of the car loan.

Here is a simple car loan guide that provides car loan tips that help you to make an informed choice when it comes to car finance: -

Assess Your Eligibility

Once you have decided upon the car, the first step in the process is checking your eligibility for a car loan. Banks conduct a thorough background check to get your credit score, which is a measure of your loan repaying capability and credibility; it highly impacts your loan eligibility.

With Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance, just enter a few details and the platform will show the pre-approved and customer generated loan offers basis your credit score.

Pick the Right Down Payment and EMI Amount

Opting for the ideal down payment amount and EMIs is critical so that you do not burden your finances for repayment of the car loan. With Smart Finance, you can calculate your own EMI using our EMI calculator.

Smart Finance is an easy automobile finance platform that lets you select down payment amount. Customize your EMI and select the Loan tenure that suits your needs and loan tenure of your choice.

Compare Car Loan Rates

The car loan you select deserves adequate research. A lower interest rate on your car loan can enable you to save on the interest outgo over the loan tenure. Also, be mindful of different processing fees, prepayment charges and types of interests to avoid hidden charges.

Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance lets you choose From wide range of customized loan offers from multiple financiers, apart from existing pre-approved loan offers to ensure your EMI and interest pay-out is as low as possible.

Ensure minimum foreclosure charges

There might come a time in the future where you would want to foreclose your loan early or make bigger repayments to lower your overall loan tenure and the interest you pay. For such flexibility, banks generally charge prepayment or foreclosure charges on the loan and Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance gives you a clear understanding of all these charges so that you can select the best offer as per your requirement.

With this nifty guide to financing a car, you can be sure about choosing the best loan offer for your new car. Choose Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance for an easy car finance experience that is convenient and transparent while buying a new Maruti Suzuki Arena or NEXA car and get the best loan offers.

Just enter your mobile number to get started and complete your car financing journey in 4 simple steps!


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