Explore The Colours of NEXA XL6

The NEXA XL6 has been designed to bring together comfort and style, ensuring a driving experience that ‘Feels Just Right’. Its sporty design turn heads wherever it goes, while its luxurious interiors indulge your senses every time you enter the world of XL6.

The XL6 features a powerful K15 petrol engine with the Next-Generation Smart Hybrid Technology for an enhanced drive and highly optimized engine performance. The exclusive 6-seater is available in both manual and automatic transmission and all XL6 variants come with the NEXA Safety Shield that ensures safer driving experience. With its stylish looks and plush leather Captain Seats, the NEXA XL6 comes in a number of variants and colours to suit your personality and driving style. Which of the XL6 colours would you choose?

XL6 Arctic White

XL6 Arctic White

Make a commanding first impression when you’re on the road with the Arctic White XL6. This colour gives the XL6 a sense of authority every time you drive.

XL6 Premium Silver

XL6 Silver

Bask in the magnificence that is the Premium Silver colour of the XL6. This colour reflects the sophisticated charm of the premium MPV by NEXA, while its sheen and drive make for a stunning spectacle.

XL6 Magma Grey

XL6 Grey

Embrace the dominance and power of XL6 resonated by the Magma Grey colour. The colour enhances the muscular stance and stability of the premium MPV. It exudes silent confidence that commands respect every time you’re cruising through the city.

XL6 Auburn Red

Xl6 Red

Fueled by strength and power, the Auburn Red colour of the XL6 symbolises a bold desire to break the norms. It makes you stand out every time you drive this exclusive 6-seater.

XL6 Brave Khaki

XL6 Khaki

Express your love for all that is revolutionary with the Khaki colour of the XL6. Echoing a passion for breaking out of the mundane, explore the unexplored while lounging in the plush all-black interiors of the XL6.



NEXA Blue is the signature colour of NEXA and stands for the brand’s innovative spirit. Driven by a passion to seek the new, the XL6 in NEXA Blue encapsulates everything that both XL6 and NEXA stand for. The world of XL6 comes alive and reiterates the philosophy behind a drive that creates and inspires new experiences every time.

With the aim to always create a new experience that ‘Feels Just Right’, the Maruti Suzuki XL6 is a powerful vehicle that combines style and luxury to give you a high-performance vehicle so perfect, so indulgent, that no other drive even comes close. To explore various colours of the XL6, click here.


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