India's Top Auto Experts Behold The New Ciaz In Awe

Create to inspire millions. And that’s why NEXA goes all-out in putting together the best of experiences for the world to see. The New Ciaz 2018 is an installation of innovative machinery and fine craftsmanship in the wireframe of an automobile. It isn’t just an automobile, it’s a revolution that is here to inspire change by creating unforgettable experiences, setting the ‘Create to Inspire’ cycle in motion.

Needless to say, at its launch, the New Ciaz 2018 made quite an impression on its beholders. From its new and enhanced K15 Petrol Engine with Smart Hybrid Technology to stunning looks, the New Ciaz inspired awe. Journalists from several celebrated automobile publications took turns to experience the NEXA Ciaz and had some interesting feedback. Watch what they had to say!



Amit Chhangani, Motoroids

Amit summed up the New Ciaz as elegant and pleasing, with a distinctive fascia. He also explains why the New Ciaz is a good option for the Indian consumer.


“Sporty Engine”

Mayank Dhingra, Autocar Professional

Mayank found the new K15 Petrol Engine of the New Ciaz pretty powerful, one that enhances the overall driving experience.


Glen Ivan Suchita, PowerDrift

Glen stated that the New Ciaz’s alloys are eye-catching, and its projector head-lamps and multi-pixel grille made the car incredibly good looking.


Rohit Paradkar, Overdrive (CNBC)

Rohit opined that the New Ciaz is comfortable and very convenient to drive in the city, and the facelift did justice to its looks.

“The Complete Car”

Shams Raza Naqvi, NewsX

Shams was pretty impressed with the Smart Hybrid systems fitted across the New Ciaz variants.


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