Finance at your Fingertips

At Maruti Suzuki, we always strive to add new innovations that will make your car buying experience delightful. From having a personalized approach at our showrooms to new car finance services, our objective is to ensure a seamless customer journey at the time of buying.

In line with the same thought, we have now turned our attention to making the process of financing your car simple, easy and transparent. Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance is an innovative platform that offers you a digital one stop shop for your financial needs. Rest assured that you will have all the assistance you need throughout your journey.

This is the first time in India that a car manufacturer has come up with a complete car finance solution for customers, thus making this service offering by Maruti Suzuki all the more special. If you want to get a car loan online, Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance is the best way to finance your brand-new NEXA car.

The Most Convenient Solution

With Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance, you now have a comprehensive finance solution when buying a NEXA car. After you have browsed through NEXA’s exclusive line-up of cars, taken a test drive of your favourite NEXA car and finalized it, you can then take the assistance of Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance to get the best loan offers, choose a loan provider, avail the best interest rates, and loan disbursal – it is an easy auto finance platform that does it all.

The easy-to-use interface ensures that you are able to find the right finance options for your new car by NEXA. You can choose a loan provider, calculate your EMI, look through customised loan options, avail exclusive offers, upload documents and get them validated, and get the loan disbursed with just a few clicks.

A Wide Range of Options

It has always been said that you should get a car loan online only after you compare various quotes from different loan providers. Keeping that in mind, Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance ensures that you do not have to compromise at any point when it comes to getting your car financed.

With the option to choose from multiple financers, you have access to a range of interest rates and down payment options. This means you have a lot of options to choose from while getting your new car financed. You can also use the online EMI calculator for your NEXA car to get an estimate of the EMI amount you would have to pay.

Apart from wide variety of loan offers from a range of financiers, this platform also provides the following features: -

→ Quick to avail Pre-approved offers

→ Custom-curated personalized offers

→ Complete transparency on fees and charges against each offer

→ Online loan application & digital document sharing

→ Hassle free visit booking for signing the agreement

→ Access to digital sanction letter

→ Product bundles

Enhancing the NEXA Experience

NEXA is well-renowned for its exceptional customer service approach. Now, with the facility of easy car finance by Maruti Suzuki, we have taken it up a notch. Through the Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance platform, we will provide you with the loan application and assist with all the necessary documentation. You will also be able to track the application status on the platform.

Created to inspire convenience, Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance is the most transparent platform to finance your NEXA car and takes care of all your finance needs.

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