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Reasons why everyone is excited about the NEXA show this India Fashion Week

Jul 3, 2018
  • The Designers

    With a stunning line-up of designers that NEXA has brought under its umbrella, the NEXA show is one of the most awaited shows at the India Fashion Week. Here's a quick look at the creators:

  • Ashish N Soni

    With a label launched over 27 years back, Ashish N Soni is one of the most prolific designers in the design circuit today. Ashish N Soni was hailed as “one of New York’s new discoveries” by International Herald Tribune’s Suzy Menkes at the 2005 Olympus Fashion Week New York. His balance between mind and eye, skill, innovation and sense of drama makes him an integral part of the NEXA Lifestyle.

  • Rajesh Pratap Singh

    He is a designer known for his minimalism and understated design aesthetics with a sharp eye for detailing. Pratap's exploration with fabric texturing and creative usage of pintucks has almost become synonymous to the label which has been consistently making an impression in the design world since its launch in 1997. The key to his work lies in clean cuts and flawless detailing which echo NEXA’s design philosophy.

  • Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

    These phenomenal designers draw their inspiration from linear structures, geometrical lines and are greatly influenced by modern contemporary art. Their look reflects the NEXA Lifestyle which is modern and sophisticated. It’s been over 20 years since the duo established a designer brand and they have scaled one height after another since then.

  • The NEXA Legacy

    NEXA is today known for raising the bar when it comes to fashion and lifestyle with its creative collaborations. NEXA’s commitment towards innovating and experimenting in order to create new has led to many creators and labels wanting to partner with it. With its relentless effort towards a more significant expression of individuality, exclusivity and sophistication stemming from a culture of creative excellence, NEXA is an inspiration for the creators of new lifestyle experiences.

  • The Buzz Around The Collection

    Three distinct designers, all showcasing how they have incarnated the monochrome NEXA design philosophy in their creations. Each designer would be drawing out the gamut of luxury and finesse that this timeless look can hold. If you think you knew all the ways a monochromatic look could be carried, then get ready to be surprised by how these maestros render the look.

  • The Association With India Fashion Week

    The biggest fashion week in the capital calls for an association with the most prominent luxury automobile brand. The coming together of these giants is a promising step for the future of the fashion and lifestyle in the country. With innovation, sophistication and the promise to create new premium experiences, this partnership sets the industry abuzz.

Don’t forget to catch the NEXA show on Facebook and Instagram live this 10th October, 9pm onwards.

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