NEXA is centred around creating and inspiring new experiences. From innovations to lifestyle, it has established itself as a brand that delights in creating unique and exclusive customer journeys for every customer. Taking forward the celebration of 1 Million NEXA cars in India, the brand has started an innovative project which makes every member of the NEXA family a part of this celebration.

This innovation was brought to life in collaboration with artist Sudeepti Tucker and tech expert Nipun Sharma. Sudeepti is an independent artist and illustrator based out of Delhi and Bangalore. She was awarded the prestigious Red Elephant at the Kyoorius Student Awards in 2014. Nipun Sharma is a tech expert who collaborates with leading brands to create new technologies. Combining their expertise they created a work of art so magnificent, it was truly one in a million.

All of the one million NEXA carssold to date, in their different colours, were each converted into a different coloured pixel, resulting in one million pixels for Sudeepti to work with. Combined with Nipun’s Pixel Counter innovation, she knew exactly how many pixels she used with each stroke. Watch the case study below:

The end result was a masterpiece called ‘Night in the Fast Lane’ that you can see below.

NEXA is thankful to each and every member of the NEXA family for this glorious milestone, and is coming up with a magnificent token of appreciation for them. So if you’re a NEXA owner, stay tuned;something special is coming your way.

If you want to become a part of the world of NEXA, walk into a NEXA showroom near you today, or visit www.nexaexperience.com


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