Nexa And GQ - Redefining Style With Akshay Tyagi

Hi Guys! I have tried to control my excitement to pen down my experience at NEXA GQ Style Workshop event sanely. I have totally been an enthu-cutlet and super charged more than ever to write this one. NEXA collaborated with GQ, to redefine style & bring something interesting for men. Yes! A style workshop especially for men, as fashion is equally important for us as it is for women.

NEXA is a brand that talks style, elegance and has come up as an epitome of class for men who love their machine. On the other hand, GQ magazine has been defining style for men since ages with their cutting-edge content and stories. So, what could be a better combination to be hosts for a style workshop? Exactly, I can’t think of a better one either.

It was great being a part of the workshop, conversing with reputed names and enhancing our fashion knowledge with an expert, none other than Akshay Tyagi.

The workshop took place in Bangalore on 18th February and was conducted by Mr. Akshay Tyagi, a renowned celebrity stylist. He has styled celebs like Siddhartha Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and many more & we were the lucky lot to have a session being styled by him. It started off by telling, how a well-tailored suit is important – the fit, the fabric and the silhouette – three things one should always keep in mind before investing. Mr. Tyagi also demonstrated why a blue, black and grey suit is a must-have for your closet and showcased how to play with prints, colors, patterns and accessories, amongst other tips.

Knowing how one can just own a pair of suit in any block color and how one can style it in multiple ways was my favorite part of the workshop. Going out for meeting- team it up with a crisp printed shirt, something more formal on cards to attend- add a tie or a pocket square, stepping out for a casual evening- how about carrying the blazer with a plain simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans or even keep it as subtle as a shirt with a pair of ankle-length trousers with tan boots and a belt. The tips were many. Overall, the night bestowed us with fashion tips and his style mantras.

Thanks to NEXA for the invitation and especially Mr. Akshay Tyagi for sharing his style tips & suggestions. Such workshops up the style game for bloggers like us, and from now on StyleMirror promises to reflect more style & more upbeat fashion for you all! The NEXA GQ Style Workshop indeed turned out to be one absolute fashion extravaganza, sure to be etched in everyone’s minds for a really long time.

By The Style Mirror


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