Experience an Innovative Way to Book a Test Drive for XL6 - Talk to Ranveer Singh

We, at NEXA, truly believe in creating and inspiring the world by offering innovative experiences. NEXA has always aimed to leave an indelible impression in the lives of its customers with every chance. In our efforts to offer you innovative experiences, technology enabled us to revolutionise the way we book your test drives and we didn’t hold back on innovating a first-of-its-kind experience— Hello Ranveer. In the pursuit of providing this new experience, we stayed true to the personality of the XL6, a premium 6-seater car designed for your utmost comfort.

In a digital integration with Indian Entertainment Industry’s top actor, Ranveer Singh, NEXA created a personalised experience that allows you to speak with the star himself to book a test drive for the XL6. This interactive session shows Ranveer Singh sleeping comfortably in the captain seats and enjoying the lounge-like interiors of the XL6. Upon waking him up you are prompted by Ranveer to share your number and photo so he can call you and tell you more about the XL6. Every person who interacts with the video gets a call from Ranveer Singh with their name and image flashing on Ranveer’s phone. He then explains why the XL6 is a premium MPV that ‘Feels Just Right’ and should be your choice.

This innovative interaction has elevated the thrill of booking the test drive by making it possible for you to get a personalised call from him. So, indulge yourself in an experience that ‘Feels Just Right’ with the XL6 and book a test drive in the most unique manner.

To learn about the Maruti Suzuki NEXA XL6 price click here.


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