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Ever since NEXA rolled out its first car 5 years ago, the brand has been challenging conventions. It has been redefining what ‘premium’ means in the Indian automotive market. NEXA is at the forefront of delivering innovative technologies that not only enhance the pleasure of driving but also facets like Premium Showrooms experiences as well. With this very philosophy of Create.Inspire, NEXA has just completed 5 glorious years.

And in the last 5 years, NEXA has continuously created moments and experiences worth remembering for the customers through innovation.


NEXA has been a firm believer of delivering memorable experiences which are fueled by innovation and technology. One such innovative experience which will create a moment for everyone to cherish is the NEXA Premium Showroom experience. From the time one walks in to the showroom to finally deciding to purchase a car, the entire experience is streamlined and customer friendly. In the past 5 years, NEXA has surely redefined what a premium showroom should feel like.


The concerns for a greener environment have been on the rise for quite some time. NEXA being the pioneer in innovative technologies, found the smarter way to steer the notion and created the Next Generation Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology.

The revolutionary technology improves driving performance, enhances fuel efficiency, reduces load on the engine and adds to your driving experience by a multitude. Features like Brake Energy Regeneration, Idle Start Stop and Torque Assist, ensure that this technology gives you a breathtaking moment every time you drive it.


The Automatic Transmission offered by NEXA isn’t just free of the clutch pedal. It’s also free of worries, hassles and problems. The luxury of automatic combined with elegant comfort. That’s what you get when you opt for a NEXA CAR WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Not just that, NEXA has kept different needs of the consumer in mind and hence has a bouquet of Automatic Transmissions Technologies on offer like the AGS, CVT and AT. It’s so effortless that it’s sure to give you a moment to express with ease. No matter where your journey takes you, the drive will be uncomplicated.


A one of a kind experience where a customer can view their favorite car, in their favorite color and favorite variant with the help of Augmented Reality. That too, at the touch of just a few buttons. This NEXA experience is sure to give anyone who experiences it, a moment of awe. All you need to view your favorite car is NEXA AR.


The world’s connected, with each other, with their gadgets, so why not with their car? NEXA engineered the perfect solution for the integration of the car and technology - ‘Suzuki Connect’, Advanced Telematics Solutions for a connected car experience. You can give your loved ones a Moment Of Surprise as well, with Suzuki Connect’s Live Vehicle Tracking feature, Emergency Alert, Driving Behaviour Analysis, Live Vehicle Status and Vehicle Alerts. All these features together make it the most sort after connected experience there is.


NEXA is the opposite of conventional. And we have ensured this even when it comes to servicing a car with NEXA Service Center. Equipped with the comfortable NEXA Lounge, a premium experience awaits the customers while their car gets serviced. Step in, relax, enjoy a cuppa while your car gets the utmost care that it deserves. Getting your car serviced was never this peaceful. Your moment to relax is just a NEXA Service away.


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