NEXA: The Philosophy That Drives Our Passion to ‘Create. Inspire.’

Leading the way towards premium experiences, NEXA has been setting new benchmarks in the automobile industry. NEXA caters to every need of the incessant seeker of ‘new’. Since NEXA strives to Create and Inspire at every step of the way, we believe in reaching our goal through being a trend-setter, a trailblazer.

NEXA Philosophy

NEXA Origins

NEXA is created with the purpose of inspiring people to witness an exclusive automotive experience. It was ideated intricately for the Indian car buyers who wanted to be treated differently. For the discerning customers who expect global standards and benchmarks in brands, products and services, NEXA presented itself as the new standard of premium automotive experience.

NEXA Values

Much like the values our customers possess, NEXA holds a set of unwavering values.


Listening, understanding and providing service and solutions that reflect professionalism and expertise is how we earn trust and reliability.


We provide an unmatched level of hospitality and strive to invoke the feeling of being treated special, in our customers.


We deploy the most advanced technology & visible innovation that creates an immersive experience.


Inclusive globalism that presents international standards and best practices in the automobile industry is another one of our values.


We also strive to bring something NEW to the table each time. And our customers are the exclusive few to experience the 'new' that makes NEXA an exciting destination.

NEXA Philosophy

NEXA believes in creating. NEXA believes in Inspiring. But above all, NEXA believes in never stopping, come what may.

NEXA embraces the relentless spirit of creators that never stop exploring, innovating, influencing and experimenting. It is for the persistent individual; the seeker of new. So, NEXA believes that the Creation of ‘new' is Inspiring.

Primarily, NEXA is committed to create new Experiences, Aspirations, Culture and Lifestyle. This philosophy is further inculcated in the initiatives like Sound of NEXA Blue, NEXA Music, One Million Pixel Art, and NEXA Augmented Reality. These initiatives by NEXA have been a testament to all our tenets.

NEXA Pillars

NEXA has always aspired to create exciting experiences for the world. And in our bid to introduce such experiences, we keep seeking the new, the unexplored and the unconventional.

So, we introduced three pillars to Create and Inspire:

Lifestyle - Creation of new Lifestyle experiences that are Avant Garde and Aspirational.

Music - Creation of new Music that is original and Inspiring.

Travel - Creation of exclusive Journeys that are unique and transformational.

Our consumer is individualistic. They like to experiment with lifestyle and their choices are ahead of the curve. They don't conform to the ongoing trends and are ever evolving. And this is the reason why we are constantly coming up with evolving technology to amaze you. We strive to create a relationship that stems from trust by providing a safe experience for the customers. And, we do so because it is the NEXA philosophy.


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