Smart Hybrid – The Smarter Way Forward

At NEXA, innovations have been driven by our core philosophy. Born to ‘Create. Inspire’, the premium automotive brand has endeavoured to keep the wheels turning and steer the industry forward with its innovative offerings. With the rise in concerns for a greener environment, NEXA found the smarter way forward and created the Next Generation Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology.

The revolutionary technology improves efficiency, reduces load on the engine and enhances your driving experience manifold. Here’s a simple breakdown of the working of NEXA’s Smart Hybrid Technology and its functions.


Brake Energy Regeneration

Whenever you apply brakes on a NEXA smart hybrid car, the action recharges special high capacity batteries - Lithium-ion battery and Lead Acid battery. The stored energy then assists in the engine’s Idle Stop Start and Torque Assist functions.

smart hybrid

Idle Start Stop

This function of Smart Hybrid Technology helps improve efficiency. Using the energy transferred to the special high capacity batteries during Brake Energy Regeneration, the engine automatically stops and silently starts when the optimal conditions are met during manual and automatic transmissions.

Torque Assist

This function provides optimal acceleration and enhances performance of a NEXA smart hybrid car. The energy stored in the Lithium-ion battery during Brake Energy Regeneration, assists when putting the pedal to the metal.

The ‘motor’ function of the ISG uses the energy stored in the advanced dual battery system to supplement the engine’s power during acceleration. In doing so, the Smart Hybrid technology reduces the load on the engine, thereby increasing fuel efficiency and lowering emissions.

NEXA cars are equipped with the progressive Smart Hybrid Technology. The XL6 with its New K15 Petrol Engine employs the Smart Hybrid Technology for a power-packed, performance-driven and smooth experience. The Bold Baleno paves new avenues with its New 1.2L Dualjet Dual VVT Engine and the smart, progressive technology by NEXA. The Ciaz also houses the Next Generation Smart Hybrid Technology that adds to the luxurious driving experience. The Smart Hybrid Technology built into the S-Cross adds comfort to your adventures, regardless of the terrain you’re scaling. Innovation and technology are at the core of NEXA. Creating and employing Smart Hybrid Technology was a step that defined the future for the automotive industry. And the premium brand will continue to create such advancements in the times to come.

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