The New Ciaz Launch: Inspired By Innovative Creations

NEXA is born to Create and Inspire. With innovation and creativity as its driving forces, NEXA has always sought to bring revolutionary experiences to the world. The New Ciaz 2018 launch was one such example of NEXA pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation.

The New Ciaz is one of the finest creative expressions of both design and technology. And it takes only one glance, one drive to realize that. So, when it came to bringing alive the New Ciaz experience, something exceptional was needed. What did we do? We decided to take India’s finest Auto Journalists on a specially curated creative journey and immerse them into the world of NEXA.

To achieve this, we chose a unique place – the Design Barn, Bangalore, to create three distinctive creative workshops. Each one tailored to touch upon different aspects of design and technology, enabling the Auto Journalists to unleash their creativity in unusual ways. What followed was an inspiring series of experiences that truly captured NEXA’s philosophy - Create. Inspire.

Watch this fascinating journey of creativity and technology coming together at the New Ciaz launch here:

Come back for more on the  New Ciaz  and our other endeavors, as we Create to Inspire.


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