NEXA Blue: The Signature Shade Of Our Innovation

For millennia, the colour, Blue, has been an inspiration in steering the wheels of art, science and culture, signifying a quest for excellence beyond the reach of skies and the depths of oceans. NEXA’s philosophy to ‘Create. Inspire.’ has always led us to push limits of innovation to bring forth premium, inspiring experiences to all.

NEXA draws its inspiration from everything around, and continues evolving for its customers’ needs. Its quest to inspire, empower and revitalise has led to the discovery of an ingenious colour that resonates with everything we stand for. It is the colour of our innovation. It is the colour that drives us forward. It is the colour Blue.


Since its inception, NEXA has left no stones unturned to create inspiring experiences for one and all. In the search for a colour that represents its relentless spirit of innovation, and communicates its determination to constantly evolve, NEXA created its own signature shade: NEXA Blue. It is a signature shade created exclusively for NEXA. The creation of a signature colour was an endeavor to bring something exclusive and innovative to our customers. As a reflection of our beliefs, the entire range of NEXA cars come in the shade NEXA Blue.

The Sound of NEXA Blue

NEXA didn't just stop at the colour. We wanted to take this colour and create something new, something unprecedented, which led us to further explore the depths of our signature shade. We took a visual medium of this colour and turned into an immersive auditory experience. This led to an innovation, never attempted before - the Sound of NEXA Blue. We looked for musicians with synesthesia, an ability that allows them to translate sounds to colours and vice versa. Then, we brought three musicians from around the world, together under one roof to help us bring the Sound of NEXA Blue alive.

We presented NEXA Blue to these musicians and asked them to give notes that they 'heard' after seeing the colour. We, then, approached a composer who helped us create a symphony using only these particular notes. In a never-before-done collaboration, NEXA, musicians and a special colour came together to create the Sound of NEXA Blue, incorporating the essence of the shade.

All three world-renowned artists—Eduardo, Samara and Litsa had their own stories to tell. Their own interpretations of the Sound of NEXA Blue merged into a symphony that reverberated through everyone. For this exceptional initiative, NEXA was presented with Silver in the Creative Abby Awards 2019 under the category Branded Content and Entertainment. A proud moment, indeed!

You can visit our website to explore the detailed story behind NEXA Blue.


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