NEXA Philosophy: Brand Values of NEXA

With a philosophy to “Create. Inspire.”, Maruti Suzuki’s NEXA has transformed the car-buying experience with its premium range of cars and services. The brand promises an exemplary experience for everyone who ventures into the World of NEXA. It is the philosophy of NEXA to ‘Create and Inspire’ which breathes life into each and every effort put forth by the brand. In a short span since its inception, NEXA has crafted new products and even newer aspirations.

The Brand Values of NEXA

The brand values of brand NEXA goes hand-in-hand with elevating the entire car-buying journey into an experience. The brand offers one of the most digitally and technologically advanced buying experiences to customers. The same goes for after-sales and ownership – nothing except top-notch will do.

Defined By Exclusivity

From the limits of the blue skies to the deep secrets underneath the oceans, the level of exclusivity that underlines everything about the brand perfectly complements the brand values of NEXA to offer enhanced innovative value and satisfaction.

NEXA is a brand that is based on exclusivity and promises its customers a high level of sophistication. NEXA is for the consumer who seeks a world-class experience in life.

The Sound of NEXA is the perfect example of innovation that the brand shows to create and inspire. It is a unique melody that has been created by synesthetic musicians. Every time they hit a note and saw the NEXA Blue before their eyes, they added to this unique composition.

We Create To Inspire

NEXA stands for innovation that goes beyond automotive excellence. With its collaborations with well-known artists across several industries, it goes beyond offering Maruti Suzuki luxury cars in India - NEXA extends its reach to lifestyle and ushers global Indian-origin musical experiences through NEXA music.

Keep moving forward, seek new experiences that inspire you.

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