Why Should You Choose Ciaz Smart Hybrid in 2020

In a world where everything is ‘smart’ – from phones to homes to locks – it’s only right that your car should be too. With the advanced Ciaz Smart Hybrid, Maruti Suzuki has taken a leap towards cleaner, greener drives. The rise in pollution levels in the urban landscape has made lower emissions a priority for automakers across the world, and the advanced technology and features of Ciaz have made it the frontrunner in this shift towards cleaner driving. The NEXA Ciaz comes with a powerful K15 (1.5L) Petrol Engine and the advanced Smart Hybrid technology, for a drive that combines performance and elegance.

Ciaz BS VI Engine

Before government regulations were enforced, Maruti Suzuki had already rolled out an entire range of BS VI compliant cars. Ciaz features a 1462cc engine that is BS VI compliant and is built with an integrated starter generator.

While comparing the Ciaz specifications with the other sedans in the segment, fuel consumption significantly tips the scales in favour of the elegant sedan. The mileage for the Smart Hybrid Ciaz is impressive, at about 20.65 for the manual and 20.04 for the automatic transmission. Powered by the Progressive Smart Hybrid Technology, Ciaz is a revolution on wheels.

Ciaz Smart Hybrid

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz comes with a dual battery setup that is crucial for the Next Gen Smart Hybrid Technology. This technology turns off the engine when the car comes to a halt, and uses the energy from the batteries to keep the car’s important functions running. When the accelerator is pressed, the batteries power the engine and allow the car to accelerate. This greatly reduces the load on the engine, and also optimizes the performance and mileage of the Ciaz Smart Hybrid.

The Ciaz specification list gives you a clearer picture of the advanced technologies and convenience features in the premium sedan. These features have made the NEXA Ciaz the highest selling sedan in its segment for 3 years in a row with a number of accolades to its name. Experience the Ciaz today when you book a test drive or walk into a showroom near you today.


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