NEXA Experience: Some Inspiring Highlights

NEXA, a premium automobile brand has over a span of only 4 years witnessed a massive advancement. NEXA is all about inspiring and creating. But above all, NEXA believes in the purpose of not settling—exactly how the explorer, the innovator, the influencer and the creator in you, time and again refuses to stop. And that elementary philosophy has led NEXA to evolve into what it is today.

NEXA persistently creates new experiences for our treasured customers and we often like to take a moment to look back upon how long we’ve come. So, we would like to share some highlights of our recent best moments.

Partnered with A.R. Rehman to launch NEXA Music

Conforming to its philosophy to create something new and to inspire, NEXA, in January 2019, launched a first-of-its-kind initiative—NEXA Music. It is all about celebrating and creating new and original English compositions of international standard in India by celebrated and emerging artists. It is curated with utmost intricacy in collaboration with world-renowned artists A.R. Rahman. Through this project, we are proud to have composed quality music, hosted various gigs and launched hi-tech experiences.

NEXA Music in the past year

→ We released NEXA Music’s most awaited single ‘You Got Me’ with A.R. Rahman in March 2020. It was a Latin-flavoured pop track, featuring vocals by Maestro and all the winning musicians. Over this short time, we saw it garner over 19M views on YouTube.
→ Among the family of 24 NEXA Music Lab artists, the music maestro announced 4 super winners—Jonathan & Pelenuo, Heat Sink, Nisa Shetty and Simetri.
→ Apart from that, we released 24 lab music videos by respective artists and we organized 4 live gigs!

NEXA One-by-One: An exceptional AR experience

At the start of 2020, we introduced NEXA's smallest showroom.
Through our AR technology, our customers can now browse all the NEXA cars of all variants and colours in extreme detail. NEXA AR brought forth a whole showroom built with an iPad placed on top. It was supported by the launch of an innovative campaign 'One by One.' Augmented Reality technology was introduced in order to overcome the challenge of accommodating all NEXA cars in showrooms and the revolutionary application of the AR technology felt extremely real.

Launched the ‘The Tough Urban’ IGNIS at Auto Expo

We ardently believe that life in the urban jungle is tough. Hence to ease the pain, we introduced the tough new IGNIS. Adapting to its tough habitat, it moves with ease on every terrain.
This compact urban SUV was launched at the 15th Auto Expo and the reaction was overwhelming.

The Tough Urban Collection at Lakme Fashion Week SR’20

Inspired by the tough IGNIS, NEXA Lifestyle in association with LFW flaunted the Tough Urban Collection.
A plethora of celebrities came together to celebrate the spirit of tough urban lifestyle with utmost exuberance in the NEXA show on day 3 of the fashion week. The fashion extravaganza witnessed summer and spring collections from well-known designers like Samant Chauhan, Gauri and Nainika. So, this breathtaking show that had Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan and celebrated dancer Nora Fatehi as its two showstoppers, turned out to be a massive hit!

Celebrated One Million Milestone in the NEXA way!

In just a time span of 4 years, NEXA surpassed the one-million customers’ threshold. We notched up the celebration of 1 Million NEXA cars in India by launching an innovative project.

We associated with Sudeepti Tucker, an acclaimed Digital Artist and found a way of making every member of the NEXA family a part of this celebration. A magnificent painting was created digitally with one million pixels, each pixel representing a NEXA car sold. The colour palette was based on colours of 1 million NEXA cars that have been sold.

It was one innovative initiative indeed, thanks to the technology we deployed to further ease her job. We created a Dynamic Pixel Counter technology that allowed her to fathom how many pixels she was using with each stroke. Also, a virtual colour palette was devised to help Sudeepti track her colour usage in real-time.

Encouraged Young Achievers to Be In a Good Space

With the onset of what we call the Ciaz Season, we encouraged Young Achievers through TVCs to be in A Good Space. ‘Be in a good space’ was not just about space but also about the space one creates for oneself when they have ‘arrived,’ metaphorically so, especially for the Young Achievers. So, this project was all about celebrating the youth and their achievements.

It has indeed been a rollercoaster ride and much like our ideals, we pledge to continue inspiring our audience.


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